taking out fencing

Yardwork at the Farm
September 23, 2011 at 10:02 am 0
We've been doing loads of yardwork at the farm to try and get ready for winter, and to make sure that next years yardwork is much, much, more manageable. Mostly we've been trying to learn how to cut our lawn properly. You laugh, but it's about 3 acres and takes me 5 hours to mow on the riding lawnmower. Apparently grass is very sensitive and there's a right and wrong way to do it - who knew! On the plus side, it's been so dry and hot...and we don't have a sprinkler in place, so I only have to mow once every 2 weeks! We've also been trimming up a lot of trees. They had been left unkempt for about 8 years from the previous owners, and were starting to looking really messy. It's amazing how a nice trim job tidies up a yard quickly! (Don't mind the dead grass!) Before: Gaston's camera_Summer2010 to Summer 2011 1057 After: Gaston's camera_Summer2010 to Summer 2011 1063 We've also been pulling out all the old non-functioning fencing that's around the orchard. The farm used to be a sheep farm, but without any animals for years, and without anyone really taking care of the property, it's really become a mess! So as part of reclaiming the land, we needed to pull out all the metal wires and fences that were tangled in weeds, and made lawnmowing this area impossible. Pulling it out: Gaston's camera_Summer2010 to Summer 2011 1066 Success: Gaston's camera_Summer2010 to Summer 2011 1071 The work at the farm is quite hard, but I can't tell you how amazing it feels to be physically tired from a days work outdoors. It feels so good to breathe in fresh air, work hard, and see the fruits of your labour almost immediately. Unlike my day job running a marketing company, where it can be months before we see results of our work, doing a few hours of yard work shows immediate results. It's got to be good for the soul!