10 Ways To Cure A Hangover
May 21, 2010 at 11:23 am 0
It's getting warmer, everyone is feeling social, the patios are packed, and the cocktails are flowing ever so freely! Sounds like a great time, but the next morning you will be feeling anything but great! Here Are 10 Sure Fire (And Fun!) Ways To Cure A Hangover: 1. Eat a bacon and egg sandwich. Salad will not help, you need to go for the heavy stuff! 2. Wear sunglasses. They will hide your bags and sleepy eyes, and will save you from getting a headache from the bright sun. 3. Stay horizontal. Sit on a lawn chair by the pool, lay in bed watching movies or plant yourself on the sofa and chat with your man. Don't try to be too active, you'll stir everything up, which is a baaaad thing when you have a hangover! 4. Don't make plans. Who wants to go for a run, eat a fancy brunch or go shopping when you feel awful. Don't commit to something if you need to be energized and feeling great to do it. 5. Drink lots of water before bed, when you wake up and throughout the day. You'll get hydrated and recover much faster. 6. Advil is your friend. Take 2 before bed, or right when you wake up. Actually, when you have a hangover Advil is your best friend! 7. Drink fresh squeezed juice or eat a few oranges. They have lots of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fluids that will make you feel fantastic! 8. Go swimming! Surfers swear that a quick dip cures any hangover - trust the experts! 9. Take a nap. Rest up, relax and rest some more. You need a little time to recover so drifting in and out of sleep when you are hung over is a great thing! 10. Watch feel good movies! When you are hung over you feel slow, and sluggish - so play your favourite movies that will make you laugh, smile and feel all giddy...you'll forget your hangover in no time!