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Getting Over Baby Blues (and Back on the Blogging Horse)
June 25, 2013 at 12:29 pm 0
I've been making a big effort to "take back my life" after a big year with baby blues, and change of life, and so much more. Just to recap in the last year: - I had a baby - moved to Niagara on the Lake - I changed my business completely into one that was more "me" (which takes thousands of hours) - suffered from loneliness and big bad baby blues after moving to the middle of nowhere with a newborn baby - decided to sell our house and move back to Toronto - went to Amsterdam - went to Mexico City - went to LA - moved into a small condo (that we originally bought as an investment, but I just couldn't handle living in the country anymore) - went to Greece Originally I started a blog as a creative outlet. I was in a corporate job that we very frustrating, and I really didn't have that much creative freedom (and the office politics were downright toxic & totally ridiculous). So, Cashmere Clutch became a way for me to be "me" online, and a creative project where I got to talk about everything that interested me at the time. Fast forward from 2008 to 2013, and life has changed dramatically. I started my own company, got engaged, sold my condo (and made nice big profits), got married... and then all the stuff mentioned above. In reality, I had SO much going on, that I really didn't want a creative outlet. Everything that was happening in my life was a direct result of my actions...everything became my "creative project" - some much more successfully than others. So, I started blogging less and less, and just focused on my business, and raising a family, and traveling, and staying sane. I would think about Cashmere Clutch and want to do something with it, or think of blog posts...but it never really happened. Is that the baby blues coming out? It may be. I'll be honest, last year was SHITTY. It was a tough, tough year. Moving to Niagara was a bad decision for me. And my husband was working really long hours, so I was at home alone, with a little baby, and nobody to talk to. It was such a lonesome period of time. I could feel myself becoming a shadow of what I wanted to be. When my husband would come home, it was hard for me to have a basic conversation, because I was so numb from boredom and loneliness. Everything seemed to be spiraling in the wrong direction. Until one day, I said "We need to sell this house. I can't live here anymore". My husband listened patiently and after hearing what I had to say, said "Let's sell it". It was a big relief for me. The next week we got it ready to sell, and made plans to move on with our lives. Since then we've been making a big effort to only doing stuff that makes (both) of us happy. We're traveling more. We're starting to come up with some lofty investment choices that will pay off huge in the long term. We moved back to Toronto. I'm doing a nanny share with my girlfriend. My business is coming along really well. When I was in Greece I was thinking really hard, about what my "Passion Project" is. And Cashmere Clutch kept coming up. This is my thing. My outlet. My way to share. So, from now, on, I'm getting back on the blogging horse. What about you. What's you're experience with getting over the baby blues, or getting back to yourself after a big change in your life? If you enjoyed this article and know others would too, please share it on Facebook & Twitter (links are below) And of course, Join our Newsletter to make sure you get regular updates on living a balanced, fulfilling and fabulous life the Cashmere Clutch way! Join our mailing list here: http://eepurl.com/tArTj Toodles! Ingrid