Is everything we do a form of self expression?
July 24, 2012 at 2:56 pm 0
For the last few years I've been driving my husband's car. An Audi A6. It is a great car...and I'm not even a car person! But, the car is getting older, the fixes are getting more expensive, and it's time for something less expensive, more reliable and family friendly (sort of - don't worry, I'm not into mini-vans). We started searching for cars. As a totally "not car" person, I really didn't care...but then I slowly started caring. In my mind I wanted a BMW SUV...I just think they're cute! But, I didn't want the expensive maintanence. And, my husband takes really good care of his things, and I like to "live" in my car. He'd go crazy if he saw a Cheerio on the floor, or Starbucks napkins in the backseat. I really didn't want to hear about how I was abusing my car every other day. So a luxury car was out (plus, my husband is a car guy and is getting a fancy schmancy Mercedes something-something in the next little while, so he'll get his anways). I know that I want something that I can haul my baby around in, and looks stylish enough, without a huge price tag. And I really love being high up while driving - I have no idea why, but I just love it! I tested out a Ford Escape and a Jeep Patriot. And right before I was about to sign the paper I started to think about what my car choice means for me. Is it a form of self expression? I remember when I painted the wall in my apartment hot pink - a huge form of self expression - and started treating myself to the super fun jewelry and shiny, girly things I love. It was a real coming out for me, and I feel like I literally blossomed into the person I was supposed to be. But recently, I have been making very "safe" choices, ones that aren't necessarily reflective of my personality, but of my desire to not spend a ton of money. And yes, that's part of me too, but it's a small part of the big picture. I would hate for that to be my driving force. I'm wondering...maybe I need something fancier and more fun than a standard SUV. Here's what the facebook verdict was: What do you think? Is everything we do a form of self expression?