A Great Date Night At Lucien Restaurant
February 24, 2010 at 12:26 pm 0
Last night my fiancé and I went out for our first real date in a long time. Our winter vacation, my condo sale, moving in, and planning a wedding have all added up to us having almost no time. Remember when I wrote about when there's even too much change for me? Scratch that. Life has thrown us sooooo many balls to toss at the same time and we just have to learn to juggle! After weeks and weeks of non stop action it was starting to take a bit of a toll. So we took a step back, set up a date night and finally we had a proper date...and it was wonderful! We went to Lucien Restaurant in Toronto. Thankfully for us (not for the restaurant) it was an Olympic hockey game yesterday, so the restaurant was empty. It was us and one other table.

We could hear the music, talk quietly, and really enjoy a great date night in peace. The restaurant doesn't have that many tables, so it feels like a nice intimate dining experience. The decor is gorgeous, the lighting is dimmed, and the music and nice and calm...all the elements are set for you to have a nice, relaxing time with unbelievable food and wine!

lucien_seating area
For dinner I had a heirloom beet and carrot salad appetizer and roasted chicken main dish. The salad was great but the roasted chicken was outstanding. Almost every time I go out with my fiancé I taste his dinner and always secretly wish I'd chosen his dish. But not last night! I was thrilled with my choice and I think it was better choice than my honey's beef bourguignon. His was good, but I think the chicken had so much more depth of flavours and the dark meat was presented like a warm terrine which was wonderful. Of course we had some wine too....a gorgeous Amarone that was one of the best wines we've had in a long time! It was so nice to sit down, spend some quality time, laugh together and forget about all the craziness for a few hours. Of course, it really helped that we agreed not to talk about work at all, so we could focus on the sweet things in life instead of thinking about mounting to do lists!