Super Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas
June 2, 2010 at 11:23 am 0
It's wedding season, and that means Bachelorette parties! But they don't have to be about lollipops taped to your shirt and penis tattoo all over you face! A new era of bachelorette parties is upon us, so now everyone can get involved in the silliness AND you don't have to hit the clubs and get totally humiliated if it's not your thing. Themed Bachelorette Parties Instead of just making the party about getting married, add some other ingredients into the mix so all of your friends can celebrate with you. Some great ideas are Madonna themed "Like" A Virgin parties and Smurfette parties. Get Ready With Your Girlfriends Most of the fun happens when you and your girlfriends are sipping cocktails, loading on eye makeup and getting really silly together. So start your party a bit earlier and enjoy all the giggles you and your girlfriends will have as you crimp your hair, mix up your lace outfits, and scream in delight over who has the most ridiculous outfit. Have A Secret Santa Outfit Party Want to take your party to the next level? Set up a secret santa and assign everyone names for who they have to bring an outfit for. Make sure that everyone writes down the sizes, and you cap off the spending at around $25. Your friends will show up with their ridiculous outfits for each other and you will have an absolute blast revealing the clothes and making everyone dress up. Skip The Club And Hit The Track If you are not the clubbing type there are loads of fun activities like horse racing (think of the gorgeous hats and outfits you get to wear!) and go karting, or even car racing that can make for a really memorable bachelorette. Don't stick with the club tradition if it's not something that works for you. Keep in mind if you are planning a bachelorette party, or if you are the bachelorette the cheaper and easier your party is the more fun it's likely to be. When everyone is spending a fortune to go to Vegas for your bachelorette the expectations are so high, that it can be really hard to hit it out of the park. If you do something fun, easy and accessible for all there will be less drama, fewer money worries, and more great memories.
Need a Vacation But Don’t Have the Time or Money?
November 12, 2009 at 12:27 pm 0
A mini staycation may be the perfect fix for you! It doesn’t take a ton of planning and can be really inexpensive too. Step One: Set aside a day or two and make it into a mini staycation. It could be right now, or if you’re slammed with work/life within the next little while. Step Two: Think of all the great things in your city that you just never get to see. Remember that art gallery that re-opened that you have never been to? That amazing Swiss restaurant that you have been dying to try? Make a list of what you want to do, and then figure out what you can reasonably do within two days...but make sure you save some time for relaxing so you’re not burned out from your mini staycation. Step Three: Make any reservations that need to be made, and contact your friends if you’d like to include them in your plans. Step Four: Based on what you want to do, and who you want to do it with, build a basic schedule for your mini staycation. Step Five: Enjoy! Here’s an example of a staycation plans and budget for a 2 day mini vacation in Toronto. For me I love to tour around and get exercise, so those are central to my plans. Friday night: - Nap after work - Meet up with friends and try out the cheese fondue place on Elm Street for a late dinner ($60 per person) Saturday: - Sleep in - Grab a coffee and go to specialty book store with big fluffy coaches and classical music playing. Select a few books that will set my imagination on fire! ($30) - Go for a light lunch on Front Street ($20) - Drop by St. Lawrence Market – pick up some flowers and wine ($40) - Take a long walk along the Toronto Harbourfront – get some exercise and sit on the beach chairs watching the waves pass by while letting my mind wander - Return home, have a hot bath and get all sassied up for tonight. - Date night! Go to the new French "communal style" restaurant I’ve been dying to try out ($120 for 2) Sunday: - Sleep in - Go for a swim and steam - Head up to the Art Gallery of Ontario for lunch ($25) - Tour around the gallery and get art inspired! ($20) - Go to High Park for a walk and duck watching - Head home, order sushi in, read new books and relax! ($20) For a total of $335 I've lived like a queen for a weekend, seen the scenes, and had a lovely mini staycation.