How To Deal With A Diva Boss: Get Ahead Tips
May 17, 2010 at 11:00 am 0
Bitch I'm Da Boss With all the craziness in the economy over the last two years even the top bosses are feeling insecure in their jobs...which doesn't bode well for the underlings. Crazy deadlines, no praise, damnation for small errors, and ignored emails are tell tale signs that all is not well with your boss. Here are some great tips on how you can deflect the bad energy that's being downloaded on to you from the levels above. Your boss says: It's late I know, but have this ready for me tomorrow by 8am" What she means: I know this is a crazy request, but my bosses are on my ass to get this done ASAP, so help me out and get it done! What you do: Involve your boss in the process and ask her what she would do to make it a success - by asking her and getting her advice it's harder for her to blame you later if things don't go well. Your boss says: Zip, zilch, and she never replies to any of your emails. What she means: I'm really, really, busy and very, very stressed. Keep me in the loop, but don't ask for direction unless it's urgent What you do: Don't leave all the decisions in her hands. You can keep her in the loop, and tell her the actions you are going to take by a certain date - just make sure you've given her enough time to read the emails and respond if necessary. If you really need something set up a meeting so you can have your questions answered, but make sure you come in with clear questions and have strict objectives for your meeting. The last thing you want is for her to get annoyed because she thinks you wasted her time with an unnecessary meeting. Your boss says: You haven't finished that yet???? What she means: I'm stressed, very busy, have lots of pressure to make miracles happen. Since I'm overwhelmed and you're standing in front of me, I'm taking it out on you! What you do: Take it. Sorry, that's the truth. Sometimes you're boss is going to need to vent, and if you happen to be the unlucky person standing in front of her, than you just have to take it. Don't get weepy, and don't take it personal - we've all freaked out at someone because something else was bothering us. *Image courtesy of Jewlzbailey