New Furniture At The Farm
September 22, 2011 at 9:41 am 0
Recently our new furniture arrived a the farm! Gaston's camera_Summer2010 to Summer 2011 1095 We had a bit of a debaucle at first. We bought furniture from Pottery Barn last March, and they delivered the wrong furniture to us! Through a long and confusing (surprising for the Pottery Barn, I know!) process we had to re-order new furniture and they finally brought it to us. (Yes, that means they took many, many, months to correct the mistake.) We were so happy to see the big truck pull up, the old furniture get carted away, and the new furniture put in it's place. Old sofa: Gaston's camera_Summer2010 to Summer 2011 1092 New sofa: Gaston's camera_Summer2010 to Summer 2011 1099 We think the new pieces work much better; the old sofa was huge, but only had 2 big pillows, so it looked like a loveseat, and even thought it was big, with only 2 cushions we noticed that only 2 people would sit on it at the same time. With the new furniture it not only looks much better (tighter fabric, a slightly more refined style) but it makes our living room look so much better with the 3 pillow sofa. So interesting how furniture changes a room! (ohhhh, the things we're learning from owning a house).