crashing waves

Hello Sleep, Where Are You?
August 13, 2009 at 12:03 pm 3
Like most people, I’m a pretty good sleeper, but whenever I’m stressed, it always affects my sleep. Over the last little while work has been quite intense and I’ve been putting in lots of time to make sure all my work is taken care of properly. When the nighttime comes I do some exercise, spend time with friends or my boyfriend, and then relax before going to bed. Usually, I’m asleep by 11 o’clock or midnight…but then at 230 in the morning I wake up again and can’t fall back asleep! I’ve tried everything: Counting sheep Imagining myself sitting on the beach watching the waves come to the shore Visualizing the even strokes of painting a cottage deck Breathing in one side of my nose and out the other But, what ends up happening is my little sheep wake up and start dancing around and kicking their legs up and having fun! The waves gain more energy and come crashing into the shore line. The even strokes of paint eventually become erratic patterns with multicoloured patches…and the funniest of all…..I discovered that I can’t breath out one side of my nose…literally one of my nostrils is broken, and no air comes in, or goes out!