Destination Weddings Are Not For Control Freaks…But We Are!
February 23, 2010 at 12:36 pm 0

In just under two weeks we're getting married in Mexico. Eeeeks! Two Weeks! We've got some solid plans laid out, but it's true, destination weddings are not really for control freaks. We had to book the wedding package we were interested in at the resort, and select a few other things like the menu and time of our reception...but otherwise it's a total game time decision! - We won't know which restaurant or hotel area we'll have our reception in until we get to tour the resort. - We won't know what the food is going to taste like, or even if we made good choices until we have our party...or if we are extremely lucky we will be allowed to sample some food a few days earlier. - We aren't sure if the dj can play our songs or accomodate our requests until we meet him on our wedding night. But the funny thing out of all of this is that my fiance and I really like to have control of pretty much everything. Or at least he does. I tend to go from one extreme or the other...make me the captain or the servant, but god forbid I have to discuss every detail with many different people to get their approval and spend forever going back and forth. That makes me bananas! Either tell me what to do, and exactly how to do it...or let me do it my way. So, some funny things have happened because of this. I have spent most of my wedding planning time labouring over things like colour combinations, or how I would like the print work to look like, while my fiance has spent his time emailing friends and family and reconnecting with all the guests, and continously colour coding the rsvp list. I guess we've just transferred our desire to know exactly what is going on and how we want everything to work into other things...and so far it's been okay! I guess if our guests have cold soup and terrible music we can feel some sort of satisfaction knowing that the colour pallette is pretty and we are up to date on eveyone's business!