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I’m Ingrid and this is my blog about living well. I’m a girl that loves to live a good life and I LOVE fun… all within reason.

Welcome to Cashmere Clutch – a lifestyle blog for women who value a balanced, fulfilling and fabulous life.


This blog follows my life journey, and shares some of my favourite travels, recipes, life advice, products, fashion, events and more.

I’ve had some pretty crazy experiences in my life. I grew up in a log house on a sheep farm on the West Coast of Canada. I moved to Vancouver for high school, and then studied at the University of Montreal, the University of Toronto, and La Sorbonne in Paris. After living in France I moved back to Toronto only to be tempted by the foreign fruits again, and move to Seoul, South Korea. While living in Asia I traveled extensively. Lucky me — I got to visit Australia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Germany!

Actually luck has little to do with it — it’s more like I had chosen to live a certain life and I lived that choice.

And it’s not that I came from a happy and rich family and I could afford to do anything I wanted. No, I had the opposite. I grew up an unhappy family and had a lonely childhood where it was understood that my parents were no longer interested in being parents and I was more of an inconvenience than a member of the family. We had very limited resources and dreaming of living an average North American life was considered disgraceful. I’ve certainly fought my battles to get to this great point in my life, and it’s been worth it!

And that’s really what this blog is about. Living a life that you choose, and not a life that just happens to you. I believe in living a good life, with luxuries and indulgences, but in a very smart way. I focus on being inspiring, motivational, positive, passionate, creative, humourous, goal driven, fashionable, healthy and wise with money.

Within this blog I have sections on Life, Style, Travel and Events. I share some stories on the great life that I have, and also some stories on how I left my past behind and got to this great point in my life.

I live in Toronto, Ontario with my husband and daughter.

I hope you enjoy the secrets to living well with cashmereclutch.com