How to Stay Sane During Back To School Madness in 3 Easy Steps

How to Stay Sane During Back To School Madness in 3 Easy Steps

August 25, 2015 0

If you’re a parent of school aged children, chances are high that first week of “back to school” is a stressful, sleepless and thankless week. The kids don’t want to wake up, traffic is insane, you can barely get yourself together, never mind the kids.

It’s a whole new routine when school starts and it throws everyone right off. Here’s 3 easy tricks to staying sane. 

1. Prepare Your Family Mentally.

Make everyone in your house a part of the back to school experience. Instead of making it a dreaded event in the future, make sure everyone is on board with what needs to happen. Explain to your kids, your spouse, your babysitter, or anyone else in your kids lives daily that things are going to change come school time and here’s what’s going to happen.

Make sure everyone has a role, and knows what to do.

For example:

Dad: Responsible for waking up the kids at 7am, and making sure they’re dressed and at the breakfast table with their hair brushed and face washed by 7:15am. After breakfast will get kids jackets and shoes on so they’re waiting at the door ready to go to school at 7:35am.

Mom: Responsible for setting the clothes for each child out the night before, and having breakfast on the table for everyone by 7:15am. After breakfast mom will walk the kids to school at 7:35, and will clear the table and wash the dishes after coming back from school.

Child #1: Responsible for making school sandwiches every night before bed on school days.

Child #2: Responsible for putting the sandwiches made by Child #1 and a snack in lunch bags. Then puts each lunch bag in the fridge, and puts the note on the front door that says “Remember School Lunches” every day before school days.


2. Practice your school routine for a week before school.

This may sound a little crazy, but there are so many things that can de-rail a calm back to school day. It’s good to know what they are. With a little practice, you’ll be able to see if you need more time than you scheduled, familiarize everyone with what needs to happen to make back to school stress free.


3. Work from home, or take the first back to school day off.

Just because your kids are back to school doesn’t mean it has to be all bad for you, does it? No, of course not!

Between feeling guilty for dropping crying kids off, feel exhausted from the pre-school excitement, or feeling  a little blue that your little ones won’t be around all day anymore, there’s so many reasons why you deserve a day off.

Plus, traffic is usually a total disaster during the first week of back to school.

So if at all possible, take a day off. After everyone leaves for school do what you gotta do to get to your happy place. Organize your house. Clean up your office. Paint your nails. Whatever it is that makes you happy.

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