A Valentine’s Day Family Day

A family friendly alternative to a commercial Valentine's Day celebration.

February 17, 2015 0

Every year for Valentine’s Day I prefer not to embrace the commercial side of the holiday. Instead I spend the day baking with my family.

This year was extra special because my (almost) 3 year old LOVES baking, and she was so excited for the whole experience. Here’s what happened. 

The night before Valentine’s Day my husband’s cousin came over and stayed the night. She babysat for us, as Gaston and I went to the opera (a 4 hour and 45 minute extravaganza!).

On Valentine’s Day we had a little sleep in, and then woke up for our regular tea time in the morning. I drink jasmine tea, my husband drinks matte, and my daughter drinks a bottle of milk. We sit in the family room for an hour, wake up slowly, and watch the sun start the day.

Once everyone was fully awake my husband’s cousin, my daughter and I went to the grocery store to buy our baking supplies.

On our menu for today’s Valentine’s Day: chocolate covered strawberries, flourless chocolate cookies, and chocolate covered sprinkles with candy hearts.

photo 1

First, we made chocolate covered pretzels with candy hearts. We also made some with sprinkles. Of course, Sephora ended up eating most of the sprinkles, instead of putting them on the cookies.

photo 9

It was so lovely to see Sephora SO excited about baking. She had a hard time containing her excitement the whole day. She kept on saying “We’re baking cookies and cakes”…from morning to night!

Then it was Sephora’s nap time. I wanted her to enjoy the whole experience, and didn’t want her to be sleepy and grumpy while we were baking. So she went for a nap, and Gaston’s cousin and I had a charcuterie plate and a few glasses of wine. Ok, a bottle of wine:)

photo 6

It was the first time that I’d had charcuterie since the cleanse. It tasted SO good! But of course, I was instantly tired (meaning this food doesn’t work for me). So I layed on the sofa and took a nap for an hour. I’ll say it was because I didn’t want my my daughter to feel like she was missing out on our celebrations…or at least that’s the story I’ll use:)

When everyone woke up, we slowly got back into baking.

Next on the menu…chocolate covered strawberries.

photo 3


I wanted to make these just so we had a light chocolatey treat. This seems like it would be easy to make, but getting the chocolate to spread evenly was actually hard.

Finally, we made flourless chocolate cookies that tasted like brownies. They had a crispy outside, and then a sweet and soft inside. They were divine!

photo 2


The only challenge with baking this much stuff, is that you actually have about 100 goodies that are left to eat!If you have incredible  zero willpower like me, you can’t have treats in your house.

So the day after Valentine’s I posted on Facebook that we’re having a cookie and tea party. Two people showed up and ate half the cookies. The next day my daughter had a play date, and she took the rest of the cookies.


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