The 3 Kings Day Gift Snafu

The 3 Kings Day Gift Snafu

January 7, 2015 0

Yesterday the 3 kings came to our house. It’s the first time they’ve ever come. And it didn’t go that well.

You see, my husband is from Argentina…and there it’s common for the 3 kings to come and leave a small present for children in their shoes on January 6th. It’s actually the 12th day of Christmas, and is known as “Feast of the Epiphany” or “Three Kings Day”.

It’s a whole new tradition for me!

So after I tucked myself into bed and I started to drift off I realized I forgot to put the present out! But I also really didn’t know what to do. Where do you put the present? In the shoes? On the shoes? Under the shoes? Are the presents wrapped? And where do you put the shoes? 

So I pulled my husband from his movie to come and help me.

First, I went into my gift stash. I usually have a few gifts for my daughter in my closet somewhere. Just dollar store stickers, or crayons or small trinkets.

Next we put the shoes outside of her bedroom door, with her gift from the 3 kings right behind them.

Then we waited for her to wake up, told her the story of the 3 kings, and waited for her to be so excited to see her present.

But she was really tired. And didn’t want to get out of bed.

Eventually after asking her 6 times if she was excited to see her present she agreed to get out of bed to see it.


When she picked up her Hello Kitty pencils she said “Mommy, it’s Halloween pencils!”. I was about to correct her…but then looked closely and realized Hello Kitty’s bow was made of pumpkins…and there was one pencil with scary ghosts, one was orange and black, and wait…these are all Halloween pencils.

Oops. I guess the 3 kings like Halloween???

Note to self: pick from the right gift stash next year!


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