Detox Cleanse Diet Update

Detox Cleanse Diet Update

January 16, 2015 0

It’s been 15 days since I started doing my cleanse and it seems like a great time to do a check in.

The first few days of the cleanse were relatively easy, with a few tinges of hunger…and random thoughts of what I would like to eat, but not necessarily cravings.

I would catch myself several times about to pick something up and pop it into my mouth only to realize I can’t graze like that. It makes me wonder how much snacking I’m doing during the day that I’m not even aware of! 

The first weekend was not a problem. Normally this would be my “party” time with lots of wine, a rich cheese plate, some sweets. But since I was cleansing, I didn’t get any of that. And I didn’t miss it.


During the second week it was my birthday. This was a bit of a test, but I had a lovely unconventional birthday that I really enjoyed. I guess I don’t need wine, chocolate or a fancy dinner to feel like I’m celebrating!

Nearing the end of week 2 things are starting to get hard. I have massive cravings for coffee. I spoke with my sister in law and she was mentioning how at their house they have cafe au lait every morning. A beautiful hot pot of rich coffee, with frothy steamed milk… After I heard that I started to crave coffee huge! As I was driving around the city all I could see was cute corner coffee shops. It was torture.

The second weekend of the cleanse was also difficult. I came home on Friday night and was thinking about how much I would love a glass of wine. A nice Malbec, a rich Nappa Cab… Instead I had a glass of club soda. It was just as rewarding definitely not as fun.

Around this time I also started to feel very thin. I didn’t necessarily lose lots of weight, but I must have lost lots of water weight. My clothes were looser, and I could definitely see that I had thinner arms. This makes me happy!

There have been a few nights where I go to bed very hungry. But for the most part I feel pretty good.

It definitely takes discipline, but I’m so glad I decided to do this 100%. No sneaking in wine, or chocolate, or pizza:)


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