A Different Way to Celebrate a January Birthday

A Different Way to Celebrate a January Birthday

January 14, 2015 0

Having a birthday in January is no fun. It’s usually cold, and all your friends are too poor after Christmas, too tired after all the holiday parties, and too busy at the gym keeping their resolutions.

And of course, I’m doing a detox diet cleanse, so can’t do the typical celebrations.

So this year I threw out the notion that I could have a normal drinks & dinner celebration, and did something a little different. 

In the morning my husband and daughter went out to buy me flowers. I put in a special request for pale pink and white roses. While they were out I spent about 30 minutes tidying up my house.

And then I started to feel really strange. If it was my birthday why was I cleaning my house? Shouldn’t I be getting pampered somewhere?

But strangely, I didn’t feel like being pampered at all.

I actually felt a huge sense of joy in cleaning my house.

And then it finally dawned on me. Trying to create a fun birthday every year was never very satisfying. There was always something missing.

So I spent my morning tidying my house and taking a few minutes to myself. I always enjoy a clean house. It’s so purifying!

In the afternoon I made my favourite meal for my family – herb roasted chicken with a citrus marinade. It’s one of the only meals that tastes like a rich treat, but is cleanse friendly.

As I was making our lunch I asked everyone to leave the kitchen and I spent one hour just thinking about how grateful I was for everything. I thought about what kind of a year I wanted to create. I thought about events that I wanted to host. Just daydreaming.

It was lovely.

And one of the most satisfying birthday’s I’ve ever had.

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