The Littlest Lunch Date

The Littlest Lunch Date

August 16, 2013 0

Every Friday my daughter and I run errands, and as a little treat, we go for a lunch date together after.

We usually pick a casual place close to wherever we need to run errands. Once we choose our place we sit down, chose something we can share that will arrive pretty quickly, and then we play with straws or cutlery until our food arrives. 

Once we get our food we both take little bites, and I try and feed Sephora until she decides she’s had enough of being fed and gets me to give her the spoon or fork so she can do it on her own.

Then we’ll order a little desert, like strawberries, a fruit bowl, or frozen yogurt.

We also have a coffee date at least once a weekend. We’ll go to Balzac’s where they have a tiny little chair for kids, and she’ll have a croissant or mufffin while I have an Earl Grey Tea latte.

It has become our “bonding time”, and I’m really enjoying the friendship we’re developing.

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