3 Must Visit Places in Greece

3 Must Visit Places in Greece

June 10, 2013 0


I have wanted to go for Greece for about 20 years, so when Air France had a ticket sale this past winter (and it was -20C in Montreal), I jumped on the opportunity, and booked a ticket for our family holidays for me, my husband, and the freebie tickets kids under 2 get (for our daughter Sephora).

I searched online for greece vacations, read family holiday travel guides and quickly came up with a Greek travel itinerary for what we were going to do for 17 days in Greece, with a one year old on board. 

I followed the basic plan I found in Fodor’s Greek Travel Guide, with some slight adjustments

Day 1-3 Athens
Day 4-6 Mykonos
Day 7-11 Santorini
Day 12-13 Delphi
Day 14-15 Madrid (Spain)
Day 16-17 Athens

Of all those places the ones that stood out as my favourites were surprising for me.

Here’s my top 3 Must See places in Greece:

The boardwalk at Kamari Beach, Santorini

1. Santorini – Kamari Beach

This beach has a nice boardwalk with restaurants directly on the waterfront, so you don’t have cars or scooters wizzing by, you just have great food and gorgeous views right in front of you.

To get here you would need to rent a car, since it’s a little away from the “hotspot” towns on the island, but you can rent a car for approximately 25 euros a day. When I got to this beach town I instantly felt relaxed and like I was at the beach. Since much of the island sits on huge cliffs, it’s easy to feel like the water isn’t accessible most of the time, and in this town it’s right in front of you. There’s lots of chairs you can lay out on, which just makes everything seem magical and so relaxed.

The path between Imerovigli and Thira

2. Santorini- Thira

My introduction to Thira was by the walking path that connects Imerovigli to Thira. I instantly loved it. You have a charming little walkway, little shops for some of the path, and incredible postcard views of blue church rooftops and the white buildings that provide a perfect backdrop for the blue, blue water.

In Thira there’s a network of tiny little streets where you can get some lunch or a coffee, visit some of the cute clothing boutiques, get some of jewelry, or a pedicure at one of the popular fish pedicure spots.

The typical street in Mykonos

3. Mykonos – The town of Mykonos

During the day the town of Mykonos doesn’t seem like much. Lots of the stores are closed, and there aren’t that many people around. When you come back at night, the whole town is like a fun nightclub. There’s a really vibrant gay scene (which means nicely dressed handsome guys listening to fantastic music!), tons of restaurants with flower filled patios, and lots of boutiques offering everything from inexpensive jewelry, to $50,000 watches.

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