Update: 7 Day Cleanse Results

January 7, 2013 0

At the risk of sounding like a wacko, I have to confess this 7 Day Cleanse has changed my life.

When I started the Easy to follow New Years Cleanse I thought it would be a cool way to start the New Year…maybe I would lose a little weight, maybe I would feel a bit better, something like that.

Instead, it’s changed my life. Here’s how. 

I’ve lost 5lbs, have loads of energy, I feel very positive and optimistic (can diet change your outlook on life?), and most importantly I’ve slept better than I have in years.

I realized with this cleanse that I have been having bad, restless sleep for years, and years. Every morning I would wake up and feel like a corpse until I had a huge cup of coffee. And then I would be so dehydrated all day, and feel like I could take a long nap at any time of the day from being so exhausted. I would also have big dark circles under my eyes, and always have red tired eyes.

Not exactly glamourous. But I had become so used to it, that it was my new normal. I’d just started to accept it.

Not anymore, my friends…not anymore.

Since this cleanse has been so successful for me, I’m actually going to make 2013 my fittest year yet. My personal theme for this year is ‘nurture’, and a great diet is a big part of that.

So, I’m going to stretch this cleanse out, and make it a year long program.

Here’s the basic plan:

fruit shake for breakfast

A mix of berries, fruits, 1 cup of milk & about 10 almonds. I have one large glass, which is the equivalent of 2 cups of shake. I mix it so there are still fruit chunks in the cup so I eat it with a spoon. With the nuts it has a great texture, and it’s really filling.

healthy light lunch

Here are some meal ideas:
– A spinach salad with chickpeas, and avocados with a vinaigrette dressing
– A mixed green salad with tuna and red peppers. For dressing I make an olive oil vinaigrette with good quality olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.
– If I really want to be filled up for lunch I’ll have brown rice which I’ll mix with finely chopped cilantro, parsley and green onions. Then I’ll add in about 2 tablespoons of high quality olive oil, salt and pepper and mix it well.
– Depending on my hunger I may have half a chicken breast that I cooked in coconut water with salt and pepper.
– I also like to occasionally add in about 1 cup of 2% cottage cheese. It’s really high in protein, low in fat and has calcium. It always makes me feel great, and gives me energy for hours.
– Grilled salmon is also a good addition to any salad or rice combination

healthy light dinner

I try and have a light dinner so I never go to bed feeling full, which really interferes with my sleep.

Here are some meal ideas:
– A green salad loaded with vegetables and lightly sprinkled balsamic vinaigrette
– A chickpea salad with cucumbers, red peppers, green onions and a red cider vinaigrette dressing
– Homemade butternut squash soup

PLUS: Every Sunday my little family has an Argentinean barbecue, where we’ll have barbecued flank steak, chimichurri, grilled vegetables, salads etc. This is my one big red meat meal for the week.

Here are the changes I’m making as a result of this cleanse:- no caffeine
– very little bread/pasta etc
– very little alcohol (maybe 1 or 2 glasses to celebrate something)
– no eating after 6pm
– no snacking
– drink at least 1.5 L of water a day ( I use the measuring cup that goes under my hand held blender since it’s easy for me to know I need to drink 2 of those every day to get enough water)
– no sweeteners/sugar
– no fried foods

My goal for this new way of eating and living is that I’m going to have lean body, lots of energy, feel refreshed and have clear & healthy skin. If you want to join me on this year long journey I’d love to have you along. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter below, where I’ll be sharing updates, meal ideas and news of my progress.


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