An Easy to Follow New Years Cleanse

January 3, 2013 0

At the end of the holiday season I was feeling extremely bloated. I was eating without being hungry, and I was drinking enough for a group of 20 year olds during Spring Break. While that was fun…it didn’t feel so awesome, and it didn’t look so good on me. On December 27th after having friends over for drinks, and really struggling to button up my jeans I decided to start a cleanse on January 1st.

I found a cleanse that seemed pretty interesting through Gweneth Paltrow’s blog Goop, but I wasn’t going to pay $425 for a box of vitamins and shakes, so I decided to tweak the plan slightly.

It’s based on Dr. Junger’s book, Clean, (which I ordered online in time for a January 1st delivery) but without all the dietary supplements, and yucky tasting shakes. Let’s call it the Cashmere Clutch Cleanse.

Here’s the lowdown of the Cashmere Clutch Cleanse: 

What you can’t eat: Essentially you cut out all processed foods, and foods that you would have sensitivities with including booze, caffeine, wheat and dairy.

The daily meal plan:

Breakfast: a 2 cup fresh fruit shake. I’m putting in blueberries, mangoes, almonds and brown rice milk – and play around with this fruits I’m using.

Lunch: a healthy lunch of greens, protein and some starchy stuff. Today I had half a chicken breast, a spinach salad with a light balsamic dressing, and 1 cup of quinoa with fresh cilantro, parsley and green onions.

Dinner: a 2 cup fresh fruit shake. I can either have the same thing as the morning if I made enough, or mix it up with some different fruits.

Results so far: I’m feeling much better, my pants are feeling looser already, and I’m sleeping incredibly well! I’ve also lost 2lbs so far…hopefully I’ll be down 5 by the end of the week.


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