Grocery Shopping at the Farm Stand

September 16, 2011 0

Nothing beats farm fresh produce. The rich flavours, divine aromas of fresh produce, and the pleasing process of farm to table.

This summer we’ve been making a big effort to support the local farmers. We stop by the farm stand a few times a week, and peruse their offerings before picking up a few of our favourites.

This summer the peaches have been insanely good! So incredibly juicy and rich and perfect! The onions are also a hit, and we’re getting pumped for the pears which should be available any day now.

If you get a chance, buy farm fresh produce. In Ontatrio, if each household spent $10 of their grocery bill on Ontario farm fresh produce each week, it would add up to a 2.4 billion dollar annual influx into our provincial economy. Good for you, good for farmers…..good for everyone!

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