Spring Fashion Trends 2010 – Hit Or Miss?

March 30, 2010 1

The good folks over at Saks have selected four super trends for Spring 2010.

1. Florals and Stripes
2. Button Up Shirts
3. Denim
4. Spring Shorts

We love the idea of florals and stripes…but the rest is kind of meh. What do you think?

Are these Spring fashions a hit or miss?

Are these Spring fashions a hit or miss?

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  • sandyb says:

    These are all a hit, if paired properly and with a little creativity to make them fit your personal style; BUT a huge miss if they’re just slapped on to fit into the currents trends. Denim is classic and meant to have fun in, unless of course you’re wearing it for ease or because it’s laundry day (guilty), then it’s just strictly utility. I love the button-ups because they’re still femme while being just enough of the “boy” look to throw back to the 80s. As for bold prints – yes! But again, done delicately. I wasn’t sure about this at first, but it’s fun and has loads of potential with the right complimentary solids, although I feel this trend might not make it through the summer. Just my thoughts.