The Best Part of February – The Amazing Sales on Shoes!

February 8, 2010 0

Here up North the winter is not fun. There’s no point in saying it’s lovely and fresh and blah, blah, blah – it just sucks. Plain and Simple. And by February most people are tired of the heavy jackets, winter boots, mittens and scarves. Even if you had nice things they’ve probably been ruined by the salty roads already.

But, around this time of year something wonderful happens that offers a glimpse of hope for all the winter haters.

All the shoe stores have amazing sales!

Shoes on sale at Aldo for $69 vs. the $125 original price

Shoes on sale at Aldo for $69 vs. the $125 original price

They have to clear out all the inventory from the previous year, so most stores have shoes on sale from 50-70% off! As long as choose a style that wasn’t super trendy last year (and now outdated) you’ve scored yourself some great deals on beautiful shoes that are ready for spring wear, whenever the big thaw happens.

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