How to Host a Great Holiday Party

December 18, 2009 0

As the holiday season approaches there’s no better time to get together with friends and family and celebrate together.

Here are some simple holiday tips to help you host a great holiday party.

Pick a theme. Holiday parties don’t just have to be about Christmas. Pick a fun theme to boost your party this year. Think Bad Santa and come up with games and activities where your guests can play, laugh and get to know each other better. Your party will be the hit of the season.

Invite a wide mix of people. A fun mix of people from different backgrounds with different interests can add some serious spice to your party. Instead of inviting the same six people why not make it ten, and add some new people to really stir things up?

Stock up on liquor and spirits. Deviate from the everyday and come up with unique cocktail combinations to serve your guests, or have a wine or beer tasting party where your guests have to guess which is which. The more creative you get, the better your results.

Provide some light and tasty snacks. When your guests are sipping and chatting make sure you’ve provided a fuel up station for them. Some nice, light, tasty snacks will go a long way. Try not to go with the super heavy and complicated snacks that will be hard for you to make, and leave your guests feeling bloated and sleepy.

Decorate. Some festive ornaments and funky decorations will go far. Show that you put some effort into your party and add holiday accents – such as silver cocktail glasses and table decorations.

Just add music. Before your guests arrive put the final touches on your soiree and put on some music. Have a few choices nearby that can help to elevate, or slow things down if needed. Since you’re setting a whole scene for your party make sure the music compliments the vibe you are trying to set with all the decorating, games and cocktail mixes.

Go with the flow. Instead of forcing games and seating plans on your guests let them set the pace for the night. If your guests aren’t interested in your games drop it and move onto something else – and if they seem like they are ready for something different bring out the wine tasting. As long as things flow nicely it’ll be a great party.

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