Skip this Trend: 80’s Fashion Return

October 26, 2009 1

Recently the return of 80’s fashion is hard to avoid.

Flip through magazines and see pages and pages of clothes that are big, and bright and not particularly flattering. In stores the huge blazers with big shoulder pads and the crazy mix of colours are front and centre. And on tv celebrities seem to be soaking up the 80’s trend in large doses. But it all looks like a big fashion mistake.


And some mistakes are not worth repeating – 80’s fashion is definitely one of those. In case you are in doubt just look back in your photo album from the 80’s. Does your teased hair, blue shiny eye shadow and frosted tips coupled with your lace tights, white pumps, striped sweater dress and jean jacket look so good? Keep on flipping the pages and you’ll remember how totally ridiculous you look in most of your photos!

If you can’t resist the 80’s it’s a trend that works in moderation. There are some pieces that can be incorporated into an outfit for a fun lift, but a complete 80’s look is a big no-no.

But fun, poppy and silly 80’s music is another story though. Bring on the synthesizers and high pitched voices any day!

Photo Credit: Smarter Fashion blog

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  • Naomi says:

    I beleive the fashion rule is: If you remember wearing the trend before, you are too old to wear it again!