Fall Cleaning:Rid Yourself of Stress and Find Balance in Your Life

October 5, 2009 0

Like most career girls, there comes a time in life when you step back and take inventory or your life, health and everything else.

For too many women when their career takes off their health and wellbeing suffers.

Does this routine sound familiar?

1. Go to work at around 9 am every day
2. Sit down all day
3. Buy something convenient, and unhealthy for lunch
4. Get home
5. Continue working
6. Eat a convenient dinner as fast as possible
7. Continue working while watching tv
8. Spend a few minutes around the house before going to bed

If that’s you it’s time to put some balance in your life and get healthy!

1. Find Balance Between Work and Life. Set aside work free times when you are enjoying your friends, family and relaxing.

2. Get Some Exercise Everyday. Instead of meeting up with your friends for dinner have exercise dates. Make sure you spend a minimum of 30 minutes being active everyday.

3. Avoid Regular Restaurant Meals. The amount of salt and fat in your food will creep up on you slowly. Restaurant meals should be treats, not daily occurences.

4. Think Before You Drink. Many beverages are hidden calorie bombs – read labels and make sure you know what you are drinking. If you are thirsty water is your best choice. If you want a treat proceed with caution before sabotaging your diet.

5. Enjoy Your Down Time. Reduce stress and remind yourself of the simple pleasures in life – relax and unwind in your favourite healthy way.

6. Prioritize Your Life. Too often we spend most of our time responding to the latest crisis instead of living consciously. Step back, remind yourself what’s most important, and plan accordingly. Make sure you are spending the majority of your time with things that matter to you most.

7. Enjoy The Fruits of Your Labour! You have worked hard to get to this point in your life, and there’s no point in continuing if you can’t enjoy it. Stop thinking about what you don’t have, and embrace all the great things you do have. Don’t sweat the small stuff…it really doesn’t matter. You’ve worked too hard to have a lost button or cancelled plan ruin your day. Start Enjoying!

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