Seven Ways to Have Free Summer Fun

August 5, 2009 0

Summer is here and it’s time to get active and enjoy the good life – but with this still slow economy some of us are not feeling like celebrating the change of seasons. Turn that frown upside down, there are several ways to enjoy summer fun for free this year.

1. Go to local festivals and street parades. In almost all towns and cities there are several free events around town that are fun to watch and cost nothing. My favourites are the jazz festivals, sandcastle contests and street parades. Instead of saying “oh I’d like to do XXXX this summer” or “we should go to XXXX this summer” put it on a list and get ‘er done! You’ll have summer memories that will last a lifetime.

2. Make outdoor picnics. You have to eat meals anyways, so make them into events and have them in local parks or at the beach. It will be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and you can also invite friends and family to join for extra fun.

3. Take regular after dinner walks in different neighbourhoods. I love the routine of tidying up quickly after dinner and just taking a nice stroll in a new area. It helps me clear the day out of my head and learn about a new neighbourhood.

4. Volunteer at a local charities special event this summer. You will be helping out the community, feeling good about yourself and maybe making some new friends. Success!

5. Become an outdoor photographer. Most of us have cameras and all the tools we need to discover a new hobby like photography so use it! Learn on the internet (free!) how to take great photos and use your newly acquired talents. When it’s chilly in the winter you can spend your time indoors organizing your photos into albums.

6. Visit all the local art galleries in your area. Free and oh so cultured!

7. Learn about astronomy and study the night sky. I love the idea of sitting outside, watching the stars, and dreaming of far off places – can it get more tempting?

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