Valentine’s Day ideas

Cheap and Cheerful Valentine’s Day Ideas
February 12, 2010 at 1:06 pm 0
valentines-day With Valentine's Day around the corner it can be hard to come up with great plans when your pockets are light on pennies. But don't distress! Here are some great cheap and cheerful Valentines Day Ideas: - Bake cookies together - Organize your photos and make a photo album together - Set up an at home wine tasting just for the two of you - Find out which charity you would both like to support and ask about volunteering together - Write out lists of your favourite memories together, things you did together etc, and share them There are so many great and lovingly sweet things you can do together that require minimal money! The most romantic Valentine's Day things you can do are things that come from the heart...so don't worry about spending a bundle, just enjoy each other and remind yourself why you chose that person to be next to you.