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Orlena Cain: Fearless and Fabulous Female Entrepeneur
August 16, 2010 at 11:56 pm 0
orlenaMix Our latest Fearless and Fabulous Female Entrepreneur Series feature is Orlena Cain – founder of Sugarcain Entertainment, an online magazine that supports up and coming, aspiring female journalists, Belleville's Mix97's morning announcer, and The Shopping Channel's TV presenter. Orlena also works closely with the Children's Aid Society, and other charitable organizations. Busy does not even begin to describe Orlena, but you'll be surprised by what makes her tick and what she would do differently if she could do it all again. --- How did you start your business? I created it 6 years ago to help me build my portfolio of interviews and I kept meeting women who wanted to come on board and do the same. 2010 marks the end of a significant run in the world of entertainment news for Sugarcain Entertainment. We started out with one and currently have 25 journos that are in Toronto, Barrie, Kingston, Ottawa and Montreal. Vancouver, BC, Los Angeles, CA and TEXAS! We really are everywhere! What’s your typical day like? Throughout the ownership of my own online magazine, I have also continued to work as a television host and now morning show radio host too. A typical day starts at 430am/530am depending on if I wash my hair or not, which also depends on how restless my night was...lol! Its on air 600am - 1000am in Belleville on MIX97 radio (Mon-Fri)and then if need be I may have to travel an hour and 45 minutes to The Shopping Channel (TSC) studio to work an afternoon or evening shift. I usually work weekends in Toronto at TSC. What was your biggest worry when you started your own company? My biggest worry was that no one would find it interesting enough to read and to date we have 250-thousand readers! Not too shabby for no advertising and purely word of mouth. How long did it take for you to feel confident about working for yourself? For me confidence has never been something that I wait for to do something. I walk fearlessly and sometimes foolishly in the path of the least expected. Sometimes I fall flat on my face...but most times noone is around to see it and I dust myself off, wipe a tear away if it has strayed and keep moving. Life is a battle. You don't stop - keep moving! What surprised you the most about working for yourself? I will tell you what surprised me most about working for myself - you can make anything happen and it is true, " If you build it, they will come." What’s the biggest reward in working for yourself? The biggest reward is that I have had a successful online magazine for 6 years and I have helped alot of young women help themselves. I feel incredibly grateful to have met over 50 women who have been affiliated with Sugarcain Entertainment. Some have moved on to great jobs like Monika Platek who is an in house announcer for their live TV coverage for the TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS or Loriann Vilani who works on 102.1 THE EDGE as an anouncer. What have you sacrificed? I have sacrificed having or starting a family. I have sacrificed sleep. But I would change nothing, because, everything is as it should be. Is there anything you would have done differently? EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE. If I could change anything, I may have told a couple of people to go SCREW THEMSELVES. However, the world is small, so I silently have said it and not verbalized it, even though they deserved it. ----- Other Inspiring Women: Fearless and Fabulous Female Entrepreneurs Ali De Bold – cofounder of ChickAdvisor Equipped with a great business idea and loads of hard work she and her husband and business partner, Alex De Bold, started www.ChickAdvisor.com – Canada’s first user generated reviews community for women to share advice on their favourite products and local places. Find out how she did it, and the one thing she would have done differently! Lisa Ng – founder of HelloDJ Lisa Ng is a woman that goes after what she wants. She’s never worked in a corporate office, she owns her own DJ company, Hello DJ, and she’s not afraid to take risks. But how did she do it and what’s it like?