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Introducing Fabulous and Fearless Female Entrepreneurs
March 15, 2010 at 3:24 pm 4
Did you ever dream of being your own boss? Imagine waking up when you want, not having to take orders from others, and having the freedom to work exactly how you want. Want to take a long lunch on Wednesday, shop for groceries on Monday afternoon, or build your work schedule around your family or other commitments? It’s a dream many women hold in the back of their minds. A “one day” or “if only” kind of a dream. But what’s holding you back? Why don’t you just do it? And before you can list ten reasons why you can’t, or won’t, or shouldn’t just stop yourself right there! Cashmereclutch.com is a blog about women getting what they want out of life. It’s all about living your dreams, whether that’s finding true love, learning to cook, or starting your own company. You absolutely, 100% can have the dream life you’ve imaged. But, you actually have to do something to make it happen! It doesn’t just happen on its own. And the longer you think about it without taking any action the more impossible it seems. So stop making excuses and listen up! In the next few weeks cashmereclutch.com is going to feature fabulous women that have carved out a life of their own. They own their own companies, they live their own lives…and most importantly they pursue their own dreams. And, just to let you in on a little secret…I’m also in the same boat. Recently I took a big risk and started my own company. I always knew that I had the entrepreneurial spirit, and that corporate life was not my thing, but starting your own company is a daunting task! All the worries and fears and little voices of doubt creep in, and you have to keep on telling yourself that you can do it. But, it’s soooooo amazing. I work from home, figure out my own hours, and have the freedom and flexibility that I’ve always craved and never been able to get in cubicle life. These features on fabulous women that live life on their terms is for all the girls that have a dream, and too many voices of doubt clouding their visions. Tomorrow is our first enterprenher – Lisa Ng of helloDJ who started her own DJ company five years ago. Make sure you come back and find out how she started, how her life has changed, and why she would never go back to corporate life.