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Grocery Shopping While Hungry Means Spending 10 Times More
January 6, 2011 at 12:53 pm 0

Grocery cart

This morning after picking up my Starbucks coffee, I felt hungry. Since Starbucks has such terrible tasting food I decided to walk across the street to a small grocery store to pick up a small yogurt. One yogurt - that was all. I walked into the store...and saw some nice looking organic blueberries, so I picked those up. And then I saw some Tangerines, which would sweeten up my plain yogurt wonderfully! Then some bananas caught my eye, followed by some almonds, sunflower seeds, and nectarines. I had to put all my goodies down, go back to the entry of the store, and get a cart because I couldn't carry all the things in my arms! When I headed over to the dairy aisle I picked up my plain yogurt, but there were flavoured kinds on sale too - so naturally I picked up a mango flavour, berry flavour, peach flavour. I also bought some cottage cheese because it has loads of protein and is healthy too! Almost ready to hit the checkout some muffins caught my eye, so I added them to my bursting cart. Finally I was satisfied that I had enough food for my breakfast. After I left the store I thought about what I intended to buy: - one small yogurt Vs. What I actually bought: -bluberries -bananas -nectarines -tangerines -sunflower seeds -almonds -4 big containers of yogurt (literally, 2 Litres of yogurt!) -cottage cheese -muffins I intended to spend $2.00 I really spent $29.67 It's true, you really shouldn't go to the grocery store when hungry!