Grocery Shopping While Hungry Means Spending 10 Times More
January 6, 2011 at 12:53 pm 0

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This morning after picking up my Starbucks coffee, I felt hungry. Since Starbucks has such terrible tasting food I decided to walk across the street to a small grocery store to pick up a small yogurt. One yogurt - that was all. I walked into the store...and saw some nice looking organic blueberries, so I picked those up. And then I saw some Tangerines, which would sweeten up my plain yogurt wonderfully! Then some bananas caught my eye, followed by some almonds, sunflower seeds, and nectarines. I had to put all my goodies down, go back to the entry of the store, and get a cart because I couldn't carry all the things in my arms! When I headed over to the dairy aisle I picked up my plain yogurt, but there were flavoured kinds on sale too - so naturally I picked up a mango flavour, berry flavour, peach flavour. I also bought some cottage cheese because it has loads of protein and is healthy too! Almost ready to hit the checkout some muffins caught my eye, so I added them to my bursting cart. Finally I was satisfied that I had enough food for my breakfast. After I left the store I thought about what I intended to buy: - one small yogurt Vs. What I actually bought: -bluberries -bananas -nectarines -tangerines -sunflower seeds -almonds -4 big containers of yogurt (literally, 2 Litres of yogurt!) -cottage cheese -muffins I intended to spend $2.00 I really spent $29.67 It's true, you really shouldn't go to the grocery store when hungry!
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How To Live Like A Diva On A Dime
February 3, 2010 at 12:19 pm 0

For all the budget babes out there a few simple tricks to help you live like a diva on a dime. You don't have to become a shut-in, eat budget food only, or stop seeing your friends. You just have to make a few simple changes that let you keep more money in your pocket while also socializing, having fun and enjoying the good life. Here are a few simple things you can do to live like a queen when you have a tight budget: Go Out Later. If your friends are going out for a night on the town at 7 you can meet them at 9 instead. You'll have saved two hours of cocktails which could easily save you $50...plus you'll feel better the next day with a few fewer glasses of bubbly in your system. Meet Your Friends For Desert Instead of Dinner. When your friends are going to a fancy dinner at that super chic new restaurant and you really want to see it you don't have to miss out altogether. Tell your friends that you aren't able to meet them for dinner (you don't need to say you can't afford it if you don't want) but you'd love to meet them for desert. Cook Gifts For People. Is that $25 pricetag for thank you flowers to your friend that did you a favour a bit tough to swallow? Make them some super cute cupcakes or their favourite cookies! You will save a bundle, and you get to do some creative expression with your cupcake decorating. Double Check Your Receipts. This may sound a little stingy, but do you think the huge corporation that you buy your groceries at deserves the $5.00 they overcharged you more than you do? If you check your bills every time you'll be amazed how much extra you are paying - so get that money back and put it to better use! Do Your Research. Before you buy something that costs more than $100 check online to see if you can buy it at a factory outlet or a website for less. Why pay more when you get the same quality goods that you do in the store? Find The Best Time To Make A Purchase. Lots of companies have regular sales, or days of the week that things go on sale. If you are thinking of taking a trip you may be able to save money if you buy it online after midnight in the middle of the week. Lots of other industries have similar best times to buy, so ask when the lowest prices become available and save yourself a bundle! Photo Credit: Wisconsin Dells Attractions
Seven Ways I Survived the Economic Crisis
July 21, 2009 at 6:59 pm 0
Recently I had a chance to reflect on life over the past year. It has been a great year for me in my personal life (just a hint, but I met someone lovely), and it's also been a good year for me financially. I was able to get a better job and weather the economic crisis with a good chunk of savings. Here are some of the things that I did that made a difference to my bottom line. 1. I bought a condo that was affordable. Instead of being tempted to buy a larger 1bdrm apt that was over my budget I settled on my bachelor apt. Yes, it`s small, but so are my mortgage payments. Besides, I know I won`t be here forever, and I`ve been able to save a lot living in this very affordable space. 2. I switched to a cash budget. Every month I watched my money very carefully and made sure I never over-extended myself. With cash it is so much easier because you never get a surprise credit card bill in the mail. 3. I paid off my debt and saved like crazy. I needed to have a large safety savings account so that I could feel comfortable everyday, in case something bad happened. Now I know that if I lose my job I will be okay for a few months. 4. I socialized differently. I love going out to fancy restaurants and very much enjoy great wine, but I don`t need to indulge all the time. This past year I`ve had friends over for dinner more than ever, and I drink my fancy wine at home, too. If I do go out it`s for a special occasion, or I meet my friends for drinks after dinner. 5. I shopped for less expensive clothing alternatives. Instead of going for the pricey brand names I`d opt for the less expensive clothing lines. The funny thing is, people often ask me if I got my dresses at designer stores. I was at a wedding in Montreal and a girl at my table asked me if I got my dress at BCBG, but really I got it at Bedo. As long as you stick with decent quality you`ll be fine. 6. I second guessed purchases. When tempted by a purchase I`d step back and figure out if I really needed it. If the answer was maybe, or no, I just moved on. 7. I didn`t go into stores if I wasn`t looking for something specific. I avoided the temptation. If I didn`t need to go shopping I`d do something else that made me happy, like read a book in a coffee shop, or go for a walk outside. That way I didn`t feel like I was denying myself.