salt ruins boots

I’m In A Full Blast Winter Fashion Rut
February 21, 2011 at 12:17 pm 0


I'm in a full blast fashion rut. I'm so tired of wearing heavy jackets, winter-proof boots, scarves, mittens, and thick sweaters. I'm just so tired of it! I want to wear Spring dresses, open toed shoes, bright colours and fun patterns. Unfortunately the -10C temperature, snow flurries and wind storms don't agree with what I want. This happens every year. Around this time I'm just so done with winter - and based on my appearance you can totally tell. I have about 3 business outfits that I wear to meetings, always the same drab colours and requiring no creativity. And my outside of work clothes are all "cosy, without the sexy". Blah! Can't wait for winter to end, and for the snow and salt to stop ruining all my clothes so I can actually wear more delicate things again! Does this happen to you too? Photo Credit: Corbis Images