Spa Review: Stillwater Spa at the Park Hyatt Toronto
July 5, 2010 at 8:34 am 2
stillwaterspa The Park Hyatt Toronto is a beautiful hotel, and the Stillwater Spa is no exception. The changerooms are clean and compact, and have personal tv viewing beds, a ladies only steam and hot tub and all the little conveniences you would want, from toothbrushes to q-tips. The waiting area for services is serene and relaxing, and they have a great selection of teas, fruits and biscotti for guests. The one major location drawback is that there's absolutely no natural light, since the spa is entirely underground. Somehow the space doesn't feel so fresh and healthy when you have no natural light or fresh air. Another problem was the showers; several of them were out of order, meaning ladies were waiting in line for a shower, and the water remained cold for a long time. Not exactly 5 star service. In terms of services while at the Stillwter Spa I tested out their facial services. Luckily I was able to score a last minute appointment, so on a whim I hopped in a taxi, spent some time relaxing before my appointment and then blissed out with my facial. The aesthetician, Kelly, was friendly and knowledgeable. When I went into the room she asked me within seconds if I was German or Polish because she could tell based on the slightly pink colouring that is different from the English pink skin, and is unique to Germany and Poland. I was shocked! Nobody ever guesses that I'm German; I have dark hair, hazel eyes and olive skin. Everyone thinks I'm Italian. Except for the super smart Kelly! Throughout the facial I had a mixture of masks, creams, steam, extractions, and massages. The one thing that was noticeably missing was the high frequency machine, which apparently the Hyatt does not use as a rule. How disappointing! I've had facials with and without, and the facials without don't make any major difference to my skin, while the ones with the high frequency make my skin look much smoother, softer, and it reduces redness. That said, the hand massage and foot massage while waiting for some of the masques to work was lovely. I've never had that before in a spa, so it was a great treat. Once I was done my spa services I relaxed a bit only to be located by staff and asked to pay as soon as I could. New tax laws were coming in and the spa had to charge me before there system switched over. Understandable, but I think the hotel could do a better job than hustling guests as soon as they check in to pay, and then again right after their service. Overall the spa's score is 7.5/10. The actual facial was good, but no high frequency machine, the broken showers, and being chased to pay were not conducive to a great facial and a relaxing spa promise. Photo Credit: Where.ca
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Do You Cheat On Your Hairdresser?
May 28, 2010 at 11:53 am 0
bad haircut Women and hairdresers have a very intimate relationship. They fix your hair and make you look gorgeous, and if you are like most women you talk openly about pretty much everything and share all your secrets while you are getting pampered. But what if your eye starts to wander while at the salon and you spot another stylist that really fits your fancy. They cut so well, the colour is gorgeous, and everyone looks like supermodels and rockstars after they are done. Would you cheat? Have your tried? But more importantly would your salon let you? Recently my husband came home from Fiorio Spa after a particularly bad haircut. And it's not like he didn't go prepared. He asked me to find a picture of a haircut I would like for him so he could get it from his stylist. I picked out two good haircuts he'd had before at the salon, in various angles and sent him away. When he came back he had an ugly, not stylish or cool or anything haircut...just plain blah. Later on in the week he told the story at a dinner party about his bad haircut. He called the salon and asked them to find him another stylist to try out since his favourite guy had left recently and his replacement didn't give the kind of haircut my husband wanted. They agreet to let him try someone new and then set up a time for an appointment with "the new guy". But when my husband arrived for his appointment he was stalled, and left waiting for way longer than normal. Why? Apparently they had paged his hairdreser to come and cut my husbands hair so he wouldn't lose him to another stylist. I was horrified when I heard this! And it seemed like such a dumb thing for the salon to do. He already had a haircut with this guy and didn't like it, so why subject it to him again? Why not let him find a new guy at the salon, and at least keep the business in house. But no, instead they pulled a sneaky move and now my husband is sure not to return. What do you think? Is it okay to try and see another stylist in the same salon? Or is it better to just find a new salon altogether? Photo Credit: ehow.com