Fun Wedding Pictures We Can’t Resist Sharing
July 18, 2010 at 12:51 am 7

orange kisses

Earlier in the blog I wrote about our destination wedding (including some destination wedding do's and dont's for what we'd change if we could do it all again!). I was a tad worried about what our destination wedding pictures would look like since all the samples the photographer gave us were sooooo cheesy! Parrots, pirates, and poses, sums it up well. Nothing looked natural, or relaxed, or stylish. It all looked very posed, and silly, and not like us at all. So, to make sure we had a least a few great shots we decided to do a photo shoot post-wedding in Toronto, with Stephen Sager, a recommended wedding photographer. The photos turned out so great I can't resist sharing - check out the full post on Stephen's blog here The other great part? It turns out our wedding photos from our destination wedding were quite nice, so now we have two full sets of fabulous photos!
How Take Great Pics Every Time (Video)
June 14, 2010 at 11:06 am 0
Recently we interviewed Stephen Sager, of Stephen Sager Photography to learn how we can look great in every photo. Watch this short video to find the top 3 tips to look your best in every shot. Last time I checked this photo had more than 11,000 hits!
Photo Shoot for Vitamin Daily
August 11, 2009 at 5:27 pm 0
Earlier this year I was at a photo shoot for Vitamin Daily. On the day of the shoot it was pouring with rain – all the traffic was very slow, even one second outside meant I was getting soaking wet! These were not ideal conditions for my first shoot, but you know what they say to do with lemons – turn them into lemonade! So, I ran home from work, packed all my favourite clothes into a car, as well as my cosmetics and accessories, and hit the road. When I arrived at the location there was absolutely no parking – and for the record I’m a pretty novice driver so parallel parking on a busy street in rush hour is not my idea of fun. A tad stressed, and tight for time, I finally found a parking spot and then rushed to get everything out of the car and into the studio, without getting soaked. Sadly I dropped one of my shirts right into a mud puddle! When I arrived at the shoot there were other girls having their pictures taken too. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’ve never been on a real photo shoot, and to be honest, it seems a tad intimidating. I thought it was going to be me with hundreds of girls who do this for a living, and maybe I would stand out as someone who doesn’t do this. I’m not bad at hamming it up for the camera…but in some situations when I don’t feel comfortable I don’t want to be fussed over! It turned out to be fun though! All the girls were very friendly, the organizers were nice, and the setting was very relaxed and comfortable. It couldn’t have gone any better. So when it was my turn I hammed it up for the camera – and even complied with the request to do the cheesy glamour shots the photographer was requesting! And at the end we came up with a winning shot that is now on the Vitamin Daily website. You can find me in the Vitamin Daily ambassadors page.