mayan riveiera

A Different Kind Of Touring
March 4, 2010 at 12:25 pm 0
While we are in Mexico for our destination wedding we are lucky enough to have many Spanish speaking friends with us, and very lucky that they are willing to put together some tours for us. These are not your get on the big tourbus with the guy making bad jokes selling you expensive and crappy beer kind of tours. These are the kind of tours where you hire all your own things, like bus, driver, food, drinks etc...and get them to take you where you want to go and completely on your schedule. I'm thrilled we were still able to tour, and see all the great things the Mayan Riviera has to offer, but we don't have to get herded here and there, have people trying to sell us time shares, and spend a set amount of time at every place with zero flexibility. Hello freedom, this is a great and different kind of touring.