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Is Elin Woods The Inspiration For The Michael Kors Ad Campaign?
April 7, 2010 at 12:09 pm 0
If you have been anywhere near a tv, radio, newspaper or watercooler you've no doubt heard about Tiger Wood's fall from fame (or into shame!) earlier this year when it came out that he was indulging in several (like 15!) extramarital affairs. And, following that, loads of gossip was spreading about what his wife Elin was going to do. Would she stay, would she leave him, would she take all his money, what about their 2 kids????? It was at that time when Elin's picture was all over the news that we started to notice how similar Elin's real life looked when compared to the Micheal Kors ad campaign. See for yourself. What do you think, is Elin Michael Kors secret muse? Here's a picture from Ok magazine with Elin, Tiger and their daughter.

Tiger Woods, Sam Alexis and Elin Nordegren April 5
Here's a picture from Michael Kors ad campaign.

Michael Kors ad campaign 2010