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5 Resolutions For Richer, More Fun & Less Stressful 2011
January 2, 2011 at 10:05 am 0


Every New Years loads of resolutions are passed around - eat less, exercise more, take your lunch to work everyday....all sorts of promises that don't typically live for longer than 2 weeks. For real, have you heard anyone who actually kept a resolution for a full year? I don't think it's actually happened. So, instead of making resolutions we're making some lifestyle changes. Our goal is to make 2011 the best year ever! How are we going to do that? By making 5 important changes in our life: Focus On What Makes You Happy. That's right. If you don't like, don't do it. Enough with saying yes to people, invitations, obligations that don't really "work" for us. If it doesn't make us happy, we're not doing it! Make Fun A Priority. In university life was good. We got together with our girlfriends, watched movies, went to free concerts, had picnics in the park, and most importantly WE HAD A BLAST! We didn't have much money, but we sure had fun! Now we socialize by going to restaurants, having wine with friends, but it's all getting kind of routine, and we only do it when it fits into our weekend schedule. After all, we spend all our time during the week thinking about work! Now we're making good old "fun" a priority. A street party on a Tuesday night? Sign me up! The free lunchtime concerts hosted by the Canadian Opera Comany - sign me up! Bring back the good old fashioned fun! Save More Money. You can't live rich if you feel poor, and as women taking charge of our finances is extremely important. We're not going to live like Scrooge, but we arere saving more. Remember that saying - "Pay yourself first". We're doing it and we're having more "free fun" at the same time. Relax More. That's right, we're going to chill out more. Enough with the crazy speed of life and all the work stress. This year, you'll find us sitting at the cafe, watching the passerby, taking a stroll after dinner, and reading good books. When we work, we're going to work really hard. When we're not, we are either having fun, or relaxing. Surround Yourself With Happy People Who Make You Feel Good. Your social circle has a huge influence on your happiness. Breakup with your negative friends, and spend more time with positive, interesting and inspiring people who make you feel good. Sound like a recipe for a good life, doesn't it?
Animal Shows & Strange Ways To Blow Off Steam
June 30, 2010 at 1:25 pm 0


Like most stressed out students it was not uncommon to watch animal and nature shows to unwind at our Bloor Avenue student apartment during the university years. The lions would sit, lounge, lick each other, wrestle and walk around until they finally pounced on their prey and filled their tummies. In the background the birds would whistle, the trees would sway, and life would flow on for all the other animals. Seeing the whole cycle of life, and daily goings on of the safari animals was an oddly soothing way to spend time. And it worked. It was so nice to just let thoughts of stress escape my mind and just observe the animal world as a way to decompress.