Fall 2010 Hair Trends
September 8, 2010 at 1:34 pm 0
This fall hair is slick and clean looking, with most fashion designers trotting models down the runway with hair pulled back. We love this trend! It's classic, timeless, and sooo easy to pull off. Late for work, no time to get ready for girls night out? No Problem! With this slick style you look polished and professional, and hot, in no time flat! We love us a fashion trend that's universally flattering and easy to execute! At Yves St. Laurent the pulled back hair added drama and sophistication to the look.

At Louis Vuitton the slick hair added to the pure, put together look and finished off a polished look perfectly.


Photo Credit: elle.ca
Looks To Love: Salma Hayeks New Hair
June 1, 2010 at 11:10 am 0
Salma Hayek
When we saw the cover of In Style this month we were tickled pink with Salma Hayeks new hairstyle. It's gorgeous, fun, sexy, light and playful! And, she looks so smoking hot on the cover and in every shot inside. But this mid length cut is not for everyone, and is a beg step away from her normally long and luscious locks. Have Your Say- what do you think about Salma's new hair? Love It? Hate It?
Couture Crush – Betsey Johnson Spring 2010
October 8, 2009 at 11:11 am 0

Once in a rare while there is a fashion trend that is so fun, lively, and just all around excellent! Wear it with a coy smile and profess your love from rooftops! These darling Betsey Johnson hair accessories are a must have for every fashion forward girl.

Can you feel the fun coming on already?
Confessions of a Laser Hair Removal Treatment
July 28, 2009 at 9:09 am 0
For several years I’ve been shaving and waxing for bikini hair removal and it hasn’t worked out that well. If I shave I get red bumps because my skin is so sensitive, and if I wax I’m cursed with ingrown hair. Waxing makes your hair thinner and weaker, so the more I did it the worse my ingrowns got, and in the end I actually started doing a combination of both. This seemed expensive and silly and I was never that pleased with the results, so after hearing good things I wanted to try laser hair removal. I researched a few different places, got recommendations and then decided to make an appointment. I chose a reputable dermatologist and made an initial consultation. I knew that I wanted to proceed so I put some numbing cream on prior to my appointment. I used the numbing cream Emla, which I would highly recommend to anyone for waxing or hair removal. It completely numbs the skin and you feel no pain. I love it! When I arrived at the clinic I was given a waiver to sign and an information sheet. On the information sheet it says that some people actually burn their skin from laser hair removal….eeeks! This made me a little nervous. In terms of treatment it wasn’t that painful since I’d used the numbing cream before we started. The treatment took about 20 minutes and I was a little red, but it didn’t hurt too much. In some ways it was just like getting a wax – someone is doing things to your neither regions and you are asked to place your body in some very strange positions! Since I’ve had my treatment I’m happy with the reduced hair growth. To make sure the treatments work you are not allowed to wax between laser treatments, but you can continue to shave, so I’ve been shaving about once a week to keep things tidy. One thing I’m not happy with is the ingrown hairs that have developed since my first treatment. My bikini line doesn’t look excellent with my new red bumps. I’ve been using a loofah, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m going to call the hair removal clinic and see what they recommend for the ingrowns or what they can do about them. I expect them to help me take care of them, since they helped to create them. I also wasn’t that happy that I received my first treatment without meeting the dermatologist. I was told on the phone that the doctor meets all patients prior to treatments, but when I went in I never met her. It seemed unprofessional to me, and I’ll definitely make sure I meet her next time I go in. My next treatment is scheduled soon, so I’ll keep you posted on how I’m progressing. I’d really like to be hair free by the end of 2009, so it’s important that I stick to my schedule to make that goal.