Spring Success Resolution: What’s Yours?
March 24, 2010 at 12:59 pm 0

Succesful Woman
Inside all of us there is a super duper successful person. Whether you want to be the president of your own company, the best mother in the world or a Nobel prize winner almost every single one of us has a secret dream of doing something amazing. What's your dream? And more importantly, what are you doing about it? One quick way to keep yourself on the path to success is to set regular goals and resolutions for yourself. Take five minutes and come up with your Spring Success Resolution! Choose something that is challenging, but not intimidatingly huge. Instead of starting out with a resolution like make 1 million dollars in May, make it bite sized, and perhaps set your resolution to meeting one potential client for coffee each week. New business equals more money, so you will be on the way to your goals, but you won't be crushed if you don't make 1 million! If you think you can handle a few resolutions why not make monthly goals - here's an example to follow, and don't be afraid to make mistakes and look over your plan at the end of the month to see what went wrong and how you can fix it for the next month. So goal away, and start on your own path for massive success! Good Luck!
Monthly Goals – October
October 1, 2009 at 12:50 pm 2

The fall is officially here now, and it's time to focus on what I want to achieve this October. But instead of making sweeping plans this month I'm going to be more realistic with my goals. Perhaps reality has set in that I'm not superwoman, and I can't do everything all at once. But last month I made some wonderful goals...that unfortunately just weren't realistic. Here's what the plan was for September, and then what really happened.

1. Ride my bike once a week. Earlier in the summer my boyfriend and I bought bikes. We wanted to ride them to cafes, on weekends, along country roads…and we’ve only ridden them twice! So for September I’m going to try and ride my bike once a week. It’s such a fun way to get around and I’ll get exercise while I’m having fun in the city! What really happened I didn't even ride my bike once! It turns out it's a big activity to get bikes from a condo storage locker...and it's a pretty big detterent when I'm thinking of last minute activities to do. For me to get the bike I have to: 1 - get the key from the concierge for the storage space (5 minutes) 2 - unlock the bikes and take them out of the huge maze of bikes in the storage area (10 minutes) 3 - return the key to the concierge (5 minutes) That means before I've even jumped on the bike I've spent 20 minutes getting it out of the storage locker. And that doesn't even account for the time to get my biking outfit on, figure out where to bike, and collect all the essential things I'd need to take with me. On a positive note I did go running a few times, and walked to all my appointments whenever possible. So I did get exercise this month...just not on my bike.

2. Go to a film festival movie. I live in Toronto because I love the life the city has to offer. There are always things going on…like the Toronto International Film Festival, but I rarely take advantage. So this year I’m going to see at least one show. What really happened It turns out getting film festival tickets is not that easy! I was very close to getting tickets one night, but then the tickets weren't available in the last second. So, there was no film festival. Instead, I went to Cirque de Soleil, which was unbelievable, so I didn't feel cheated.

3. Visit New York City. I’ve always wanted to go to the Big Apple. But somehow life gets in the way, and because it’s so close I never end up going. What really happened Since this big announcement I've really been watching my pennies. It turns out weddings are not cheap, so I need to be in the months leading up to the big event so I can afford it!

4. Throw a cashmereclutch launch party. Since I started this site I’ve been very slow at letting my friends know about it. Partially I wanted to make some more enhancements before I had a party, and also I was waiting for a sunny weekend. But like all good plans life gets in the way – the enhancements take longer than expected and the weather has been less than excellent this summer. So the heck with it – I’m going to live my life and have my great launch party anyways! What really happened We've had terrible weather this summer in Toronto, but September has been beautiful. So everyone has been making crazy plans to take weekend trips, go to their cottages, and go to the last weddings of the summer - which means my VIP list would be MIA for my launch party, and that just won't do! So, I had to postpone it for October.

Which of course leads to my October Goals.

1. Start wedding planning. Yup, I'll be that girl buying stacks of crazy expensive bridal magazines, pouring over tiny details on invitations, and watching my savings account drip dry down while I plan one of the most exciting events of my life! This month I want to plan when and where.

2. Throw a cashmereclutch launch party. Yup, it's on the list again. This time I'm setting a date and hoping that everyone can make it. If they can't....oh well.

3. Have more focus on the task at hand. This may sound like a really silly thing to say, but I need to work on it. Like every busy girl I'll be multi-tasking and doing about 6 different things at any given time. I end up feeling pretty frazzled, and like I haven't been totally dedicated to what I'm doing. As a result dates, facts, and events get really hard to recall because I was never totally present while things were being arranged. I'm particularly bad with phone conversations. I'll be chatting away, half paying attention, while I'm also responding to email and clearing the clutter off my desk. It's horrible! Last Friday I was chatting with someone and realized after I hung up that I have no idea what they were talking about or what I agreed to do! So I made a deal with myself: If I'm on the phone I'm on the phone only. If I'm writing an email I'm only writing email. If I'm having a conversation with someone I'm engaged in the conversation... and not thinking about the 10 other things I need to accomplish within the next 6 minutes. And that's it for my list this month. I'm going to be more focused than September. I'm trying not to commit to things that are not realistic. What are your goals for this month?
The Hidden Benefits of Discipline
September 15, 2009 at 12:13 pm 0
This morning I was thinking about some of my role models. Specifically I was thinking about older people that achieved the life they wanted – and I realized that they all had a huge amount of discipline. I thought about their habits and patterns, and how even in the later stages of their lives they stick to a steady routine that keeps them healthy and happy. Sure, they are humans, so they splurge on occasion too, but for the most part they know their limits. It seems like we get messages everyday to do new adventurous things – like spend a little more money on a super fancy lunch, skip our exercises and go to the movies instead, forgo cleaning the house for drinks with friends on a patio - but there seems to be a hidden value in discipline that is easily overlooked. Sometimes discipline or routine seems boring – like eating a healthy and well portioned diet everyday – but that’s what often keeps us balanced. So today I’m going to think about all the ways my discipline has served me well. For starters I know that discipline got me through my masters thesis. I hated the whole proces...I wasn’t that excited about the subject, the huge amount of hours in the lab doing research were painful, the many, many revisions to the writing was tedious, and the finished product isn’t something that I am particularly proud of…but I made a decision that I was going to finish it and now I can say that I have a masters degree. The only reason I have my masters is because I had the discipline to go to the computer lab everyday after working a full time job, plug away on the computer, and stay until I had reached my goal for the day. I hope you’ll think of the ways discipline has served you well too. Maybe instead of thinking of discipline as boring and routine you’ll find it to be a major asset.
Seven Secrets to Success
August 26, 2009 at 2:36 pm 0
I was at a conference recently and there was a lot of chatter about success. When I got home I took a reflective moment to figure out all the things that make us successful in all aspects of life and in love. From my early life on a farm without electricity to my life now there have been some clear things that have helped me along the way. 1. Risk taking. What do Gandhi, Steve Jobbs and Rick Hansen have in common? They all took a huge risk. What if nobody cared about their political cause, computers or wheelchair ride across the world? What if....there are so many “what if's” that make us second guess and stop in our tracks. Only risk takers follow through and expose themselves to the “what if's”...... 2. Innovation. Doing the same thing over and over again will rarely get you different results. But doing something new or changing something slightly makes all the difference. Look at Starbucks - they didn't invent coffee, but instead they looked at coffee drinking as something different, more like an experience, and sold it accordingly. Some of us have the creativity to come up with a completely new idea, others of us can improve an existing idea - either way doing something different makes all the difference. 3. Talent. Notice this is not number one? It never is. Talent is the natural ability to do something well and it's something you have or don't. Talent alone won't get you far, but talent combined with all these other parts make us successful. Don't know what your talents are? Expose yourself to new things and also look at the things you love doing - usually, we enjoy things we are talented at. 4. Courage. Courage my love, you have done me well! I would not be the same person at all if I didn't have courage. After university I picked up and moved to France....without speaking any French, and the experience helped mould me into a better person. Sometimes courage places us in foreign territory well outside of our comfort zone, but it's what keeps us going on, and on, and on, to find greatness. 5. Honesty. Being honest enough with yourself to admit what works, what doesn't or why you succeeded or failed at something will get you far. Only after you look honestly into success and failures can you learn from them and move on to bigger and better. 6. Luck. Ever been in the right place at the right time? Met a pivotal person in your life by chance? Sometimes we take all the right steps and it's not until something happens that's a little out of our control that we truly make it big. 7. Happiness. This one is usually overlooked, but is so critical. Would we ever realize we were successful if we weren't happy? Likely not. Happiness allows us to not take it all so personally, to stop responding to everything in a hurry, and instead be more planned and strategic, and happiness also allows us to step back and smile at what we’ve accomplished. Ever met one of those people who has everything yet they are full of complaints? This went wrong, that is working, this guy is a dummy, and nothing is ever their fault – it’s just bad, bad things that keep on happening to them. They may have everything that qualifies them as a success, but without happiness they’ll never realize that they actually are a success!
Monthly Goals – August
August 4, 2009 at 10:00 am 0
It happened at 230 am in Rome. After overindulging in Italy on wine, meats, cheeses, pasta and gelato for a full week I woke up in a cold sweat. My mind was racing with plans. My clothes were no longer fitting, there was an extra layer on my tummy, and changes that had to be made. So, I came up with a plan by 3am. August was going to be my month of two’s: 2 x per week I could eat treats 2 x per week I could have drinks/wine 2 x per week I’d take a long walk / run 2 x per week I’d join an intense exercise program (bootcamp or martial arts) 20 minutes every weekday morning I’d go jogging I’m hoping to get back on track quickly! When I uploaded my vacation pictures on my computer I found some photos from last year, and I’ve definitely been waaaaaay too kind to myself. But I’m working on it, and I will win this battle!