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Top 10 Things To Do For The August Long Weekend
July 30, 2010 at 11:44 am 0
In Ontario we have a fabulous 3 days off for the August long weekend. Not sure what to do? There are lots of fantastic things going on, not to mention the weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous!

Things To Do In Toronto

1.Take A Day Trip To The Toronto Islands (click here to read more) One of our favourite things to do is to go the the Toronto Islands. 2. Go To The Beach (click here to read more) The Beach is also a favourite place to be this weekend. Take a stroll on the beach, play some volleyball, watch the seagulls, or enjoy a delicious brunch along Queen Street. 3. Visit The Harboufront Area (click here to read more) There's also lots of great things happening at the Harbourfront in general. Read on to find out what to do, where to go, and where the best patio is! 4. Take Part In Caribana (click here to read more) Of course you've probably heard that this weekend is the Caribana weekend - it's a massive party that consumes a large part of our city to so here's information on how you can get involved.

Things To Do Outside Of The City

5. Take A Day Trip To Niagara On The Lake (click here to read more) Niagara On the Lake is an absolute favourite. Here's a short post on what do while you're in Ontario's favourite wine country. 6. Go To Cottage Country (click here to read more) Cottage country is gorgeous, and there's no better weekend to enjoy it than this one! Here's a link to a last minute cottage rental site...so tempting!

Things To Do Anywhere

7. Host A Fabuous Dinner Party (click here to read more) It's going to be gorgeous, so host a fabulous outdoor dinner party with these amazing recipes. 8. Go On A Cheap, Fun & Active Date (click here to read more) Great suggestions for cheap, active and super fun date activities. If you're single don't fret, grab one of your girlfriends and make it a girls date! 9. Go Hiking With Your Girlfriends (click here to read more) The great outdoors, great girlfriends...well it all sounds pretty great. And it is. Do something totally different this weekend, and go hiking with your ladies. You'll love it! 10. Day Dream What Your Fantasy Life (click here to read more) In a relaxed environment, with no pressure or noise, or stress, or anything to disrupt you, let your mind wander...and create a picture of your dream life. It will be the start of great things for you!
How to be a Good Girlfriend: Learning When to Say Nothing
September 10, 2009 at 1:24 pm 0
I’m not sure that I’m a good girlfriend all of the time…I do have my indecisive, cranky and grumbly moments, but most of the time I think I do a good job of being a girlfriend.

One little trick I learned to be a good girlfriend – sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all. Like when your boyfriend is trying to do something and he can’t figure it out, that's a good time to keep quiet. It happened to me in Italy. I guess the way you fill up a car with gas is a little different than in North America, and it got a tad frustrating for him…I could see my boyfriends face looking more and more grumpy, he was scratching his head, he didn’t want the other people to help him out, he wasn’t sure how to get the money in the machine…. So instead of standing over him and asking him what was wrong I found my own fun…and started taking pictures of nearby cherry trees. It worked wonders. Five minutes later the car was filled with gas, the furrow in his brow was gone and we were on our way. Sometimes saying nothing is the best thing you can do.