Like Fitness, Fun, & Free Stuff?
August 28, 2010 at 3:02 pm 1
BodyTruffles_Strawberry If you answered yes to any of those questions than the 30 Day Fitness Challenge is for you! From September 7th - October 7th join us for 30 fun filled days of fitness, healthy eating, and fun...plus you can win some GREAT PRIZES! Want to know what's up for grabs? Here are just some of the prizes: - 2 four week gift certificates to Booty Camp Fitness - a fabulous gift basket worth $150 from Burts Bees - 20 free book giveaways from Simon and Schuster Canada - a gorgeous collection worth $200 from Upper Canada Soap Company Join Us – all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter!
Fitness Success Secret
May 6, 2010 at 11:47 am 0

It's May, bikini season is nearby, and we're searching for ways to exercise that are the most fun. So fun in fact that it doesn't even feel like you're exercising! And we've found a secret! As part of our May Fit Month we're taking a walk every morning that's a sunny gorgeous day. We get the most of this gorgeous summer weather and take in every morsel of sun and nice weather possible. During the week set your alarm a little bit before your usual time. Pull yourself out of bed, grab a coffee and take a nice long walk along the lakeshore, or any other inspiring landscape. It’s so nice to see the city before everyone has woken up. The air is still, the sun is white, and the grass is dewey. Joggers pass by, dogs are getting their morning stroll , and the boats gently cut through the waves. And better yet, you get some time alone in the morning to find inspiration for the day, you get fit, and you get to enjoy the summer for a few minutes extra each day! It’s the perfect way to start the day.
Outdoor Entertainment
July 6, 2009 at 9:20 pm 1
Earlier in the summer I felt like I wasn’t having a summer. The weather didn’t help, but mostly it was because I spent most of my time in my office, with air conditioning and cubicle dividers, and nothing summery! Not one to rest on my laurels, I decided to seek outdoor activities that would be fun, and somehow convinced my friend to join me. I found an outdoor exercise class in this lovely local park in the evenings – it was just what I was looking for. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve started and I can see some changes in my physique, but that’s only part of the fun. There is the ride to class and all the chit chat along the way with my friend, the lovely clean smelling outdoor air, the joy of releasing work tension while doing push ups outside…and of course the laughs we give all the passer-byers who stop and watch twenty girls in tight outfits doing lunges and squats in a park. Sometimes they look confused, sometimes they smirk, and sometimes they stop, sit down and open a can of beer. Who said you need a tv for this kind of fun?