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Niagara Falls Restaurants We’re Dying To Try
May 31, 2011 at 2:05 pm 0
gI_0_Massimo Living in Niagara on the Lake is great. The air is clean, there are trees all around, we have so much space, and there are great local restaurants nearby. But when it comes to fine dining the options are limited. You can go to Peller Estates, again and again...or maybe their sister winery Hillebrand....but other than that there isn't much. So when we heard this recent announcement that Jamie Kennedy was opening a new restaurant in Niagara Falls it really made our day! Then we realized that Massimo Capra already has one in the Falls, and after squeeling with joy for a few minutes we realized our dining outlook for the area just got that much brighter! Massimo's restaurant, called the Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra is in the Crown Plaza on the 10th floor. The menu looks divine! From the dinner menu I'm dying to try the: Warm Peaches and Cheese Roasted Garlic Artichokes Maple Glazed Porkchop. I'm dying to make a reservation and test this place out - a full restaurant review is coming up soon!