fall colours

Favourite Fall Fashion Colours
November 15, 2010 at 9:40 am 0
This fall colour is in and a look through any fashion magazine, designer boutique or local mall will showcase the basic colours with a strong dash of statement colours. Here's what we're loving Red This fall red is everywhere - from bright red accessories, to gorgeous red jackets, to shocking red lipstick. Red is so versatile and can be fun and playful but also serious and sexy - wear just a dash or go overboard with lots of red this season!

Purple Purple is also super hot this season and we love it! Purple is subtle and sexy and really complimentary for most skin colours. There's also a huge range of purples out there to enjoy - so everyone can find their favourite shade.

Other colours that are in this season include camel (not so exciting), metallics (we're kind of tired of this trend) and olive greens(nice, but also safe and not exciting).