Using LinkedIn To Grow Your Business: 8 Tips
August 9, 2010 at 7:28 am 0

Succesful Woman

For many professional women managing a career profile on social media sites is extremely important. You've come this far, right, so you need to make sure that all that hard work pays off! Hands down the best social media site for professionals is LinkedIn. But how do you get the most out of it? Victoria Ipri from www.theconfidentcopywriter.com has these 8 tips: 1. See the future: How much new business can you comfortably handle? Be realistic. One new client a month is 12 for the year. Not bad. 2. Choose a target market and do not stray from this focus 3. Join groups for those markets and actively participate in a meaningful way 4. Educate yourself on effective LI search…there are ways to search and findspecific information about specific people 5. Stand out: Be active! Be proactive! Be visible! Get out there and get involved. Create a highly compelling profile; not a resume rehash. 6. Answer questions to highlight your subject expertise 7. Accept connections and request connections. People want to connect with you! 8. Talk to people. I mean, really talk. Show an interest, look for ways to help each other…seeking connections isn’t only about having lots of connections! This advice also works if you are an employee and not an entrepreneur. Managing your LinkedIn can be the key to your success. Make sure that your profile is updated regularly with job information, great articles, and get involved in discussion boards related to your area of expertise. Don't wait until you need to find a new job to refresh your profile. You will have missed a lot of opportunities if you wait until you need something. Recruiters are constantly scrubbling LinkedIn for professionals - make sure you are easy to find! Have you joined the Cashmere Clutch Women In Business group on Linkedin yet? It's the network for fulfilled and fabulous women looking to connect with like minded ladies.