Prince William and Kate Middleton Set To Marry (& Why We Care)
November 16, 2010 at 10:31 am 0


We don't really follow celebrity weddings, or royal weddings, or really anyone's wedding, but we have to confess we're thrilled about the wedding between William and Kate! Why? We're so tired of all the crappy news about the economy, about rising debt, about bombs in Mexico and every other little depressing piece of news that gets beaten to death by the media. Bring on the good news! We want international news coverage of pretty dresses, fancy hats, nice finger foods, gorgeous shoes....all of it! We want to have our minds focused on frivolous and pretty things - happy and positive things! Every newspaper will cover every detail....and hopefully bad news will take a backseat for a few weeks! Thank You William and Kate!
Want To Look 10 Years Younger?
January 13, 2010 at 12:33 pm 0

10 Years Younger Host Myleene Klass

10 Years Younger Host Myleene Klass

Most women notice the signs of aging on their face and bodies and don't know how to shake it. Their skin isn't as tight as before, their eyes are a bit droopy, fine lines are creeping up, and things just aren't as perky as they used to be. Feel bad about it? You're not alone! Recently British tv show 10 Years Younger has had a refresh and is capitalizing on women's fears of getting older and frumpier. The show takes two women, both of whom look like they need a serious refresh, through a journey of self revitalization. While one of the women goes under the knife, the other turns to more natural fixes like facials, better nutrition and accupuncture. While they are getting their appearance in order they also get to figure out their personal style and get a wardrobe makeover, in addition to haircuts and health and wellness advice. Oh, and it's England, so sometimes they need new teeth too! It's amazing to see how the two women look after their transformations! Whatever your position on plastic surgery, you have to admit, it's pretty nice to see ladies have a whole new lease on life from looking good and feeling great.

Two womens' transformations on tv show 10 Years Younger
But the interesting thing is that the women who have had plastic surgery almost always look just as good as the women who took the natural route. Go figure!