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Versace at H&M: Top 5 Dresses We’re Dying To Buy
October 24, 2011 at 8:59 am 0
I'm DYING to get my hands on some of these unbelievable Versace dresses that will be available starting on November 17th at H&M. Great design...great prices...sounds like my kind of offering! It's the usual UBER-SEXY Versace style, which will come in sooo handy for all the holiday parties! Here's my top 5 picks: 1. The Red Dress - Oh my...so sexy & classy & red! All of my favourite things in one! 2. The Gold Dress - Soooo sexy & fun! This dress makes me want to party! 3. The Yellow Dress - Stunning colour, and looks amazing with this blue scarf & fun purse. 4. The Versace LBD - Classic! 5. Light & Dark Blue Asian Inspired Dress - This is just fun! It's cute, girly and could be worn a million different ways!
Great Bridesmaid Dresses at Great Prices
August 6, 2010 at 7:53 am 1

Recently we discovered this great resource for finding just the right bridesmaid dresses for a great price. This has been such a huge relief! When we were shopping for all the bridal stuff for our wedding it was really kind of nightmarish! Rushing into different stores, going back a few times, waiting for the change rooms to empty out…so many headaches…it was actually really stressful. Not to mention that we ended up buying 3 different dresses because we just wanted to get out of the stores as soon as we could – only to find out we didn’t really like what we actually bought! So, if you don’t like stress, or having to go back several times to stores to find just the right dress try out David's online store. They have a great selection and great prices. We’re even thinking of buying dresses from the site for other parties, not just weddings!
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Top 10 Things To Do For The August Long Weekend
July 30, 2010 at 11:44 am 0
In Ontario we have a fabulous 3 days off for the August long weekend. Not sure what to do? There are lots of fantastic things going on, not to mention the weather is going to be absolutely gorgeous!

Things To Do In Toronto

1.Take A Day Trip To The Toronto Islands (click here to read more) One of our favourite things to do is to go the the Toronto Islands. 2. Go To The Beach (click here to read more) The Beach is also a favourite place to be this weekend. Take a stroll on the beach, play some volleyball, watch the seagulls, or enjoy a delicious brunch along Queen Street. 3. Visit The Harboufront Area (click here to read more) There's also lots of great things happening at the Harbourfront in general. Read on to find out what to do, where to go, and where the best patio is! 4. Take Part In Caribana (click here to read more) Of course you've probably heard that this weekend is the Caribana weekend - it's a massive party that consumes a large part of our city to so here's information on how you can get involved.

Things To Do Outside Of The City

5. Take A Day Trip To Niagara On The Lake (click here to read more) Niagara On the Lake is an absolute favourite. Here's a short post on what do while you're in Ontario's favourite wine country. 6. Go To Cottage Country (click here to read more) Cottage country is gorgeous, and there's no better weekend to enjoy it than this one! Here's a link to a last minute cottage rental site...so tempting!

Things To Do Anywhere

7. Host A Fabuous Dinner Party (click here to read more) It's going to be gorgeous, so host a fabulous outdoor dinner party with these amazing recipes. 8. Go On A Cheap, Fun & Active Date (click here to read more) Great suggestions for cheap, active and super fun date activities. If you're single don't fret, grab one of your girlfriends and make it a girls date! 9. Go Hiking With Your Girlfriends (click here to read more) The great outdoors, great girlfriends...well it all sounds pretty great. And it is. Do something totally different this weekend, and go hiking with your ladies. You'll love it! 10. Day Dream What Your Fantasy Life (click here to read more) In a relaxed environment, with no pressure or noise, or stress, or anything to disrupt you, let your mind wander...and create a picture of your dream life. It will be the start of great things for you!
Super Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas
June 2, 2010 at 11:23 am 0
It's wedding season, and that means Bachelorette parties! But they don't have to be about lollipops taped to your shirt and penis tattoo all over you face! A new era of bachelorette parties is upon us, so now everyone can get involved in the silliness AND you don't have to hit the clubs and get totally humiliated if it's not your thing. Themed Bachelorette Parties Instead of just making the party about getting married, add some other ingredients into the mix so all of your friends can celebrate with you. Some great ideas are Madonna themed "Like" A Virgin parties and Smurfette parties. Get Ready With Your Girlfriends Most of the fun happens when you and your girlfriends are sipping cocktails, loading on eye makeup and getting really silly together. So start your party a bit earlier and enjoy all the giggles you and your girlfriends will have as you crimp your hair, mix up your lace outfits, and scream in delight over who has the most ridiculous outfit. Have A Secret Santa Outfit Party Want to take your party to the next level? Set up a secret santa and assign everyone names for who they have to bring an outfit for. Make sure that everyone writes down the sizes, and you cap off the spending at around $25. Your friends will show up with their ridiculous outfits for each other and you will have an absolute blast revealing the clothes and making everyone dress up. Skip The Club And Hit The Track If you are not the clubbing type there are loads of fun activities like horse racing (think of the gorgeous hats and outfits you get to wear!) and go karting, or even car racing that can make for a really memorable bachelorette. Don't stick with the club tradition if it's not something that works for you. Keep in mind if you are planning a bachelorette party, or if you are the bachelorette the cheaper and easier your party is the more fun it's likely to be. When everyone is spending a fortune to go to Vegas for your bachelorette the expectations are so high, that it can be really hard to hit it out of the park. If you do something fun, easy and accessible for all there will be less drama, fewer money worries, and more great memories.
Sporty & Cheap Date Ideas
April 16, 2010 at 11:38 am 2

sporty and cheap date ideas
Take advantage of this great Spring weather and plan an active and adventurous date with your honey. 1. Go for a romantic bike ride & picnic Dust off your bike, pack a light picnic and hit the road with your honey for a few hours. After riding for a few hours step off your bikes, take out your picnic of light sandwiches, fruits and maybe a little vino, and relax. After lunch take a nap, relax and when you're ready ride home. This is a fun date idea that can be as short or as long as you want it, so make it your own and enjoy! 2. Go boating Most cities and towns have a nearby lake, ocean or river, so take advantage of it! Rent a canoe or kayak and spend a few hours slowly paddling and enjoying the peace of the water. 3. Try out rock climbing This activity is sure to get your blood rushing, whether it's an indoor gym or outdoor area! The thrill of climbing high will get your blood rushing and when you have to lean back to get down you are sure to skip a few heartbeats! Rock climbing is a great trust builder, and for some thrill seekers the excitement can be super sexy! 4. Take a hike! Hiking is a fun way to see the outdoors and to get fit! You can go to the countryside, mountains, or even in your own city - so find your fancy and spend a few hours walking and talking...maybe even ending up at a cute cafe for a little lunch or afternoon tea.
Spring 2010 Shopping Essentials
March 23, 2010 at 1:21 pm 0
Spring is a time of change, renewed energy, and best of all wonderful fashion after months of drab and dark winter clothes! To help you out we’ve made a list of what you need for the new season and how much you should spend to get it. But be warned, this is not your typical list - this doesn't show a list of over priced and super trendy one season only fashions. These shopping essentials are meant to last for seasons and be reasonably priced - helping you look great, and invest in items that you can get maximum wear out of!

neutral heels with fun details
Neutral Coloured Heels With Fun Details – approx $150 These are a good staple because they can go with pretty much anything, can last several seasons and are super versatile for work and for fun. These also go really well with the military inspired clothes that are popular now, in case you want to mix some trendy items in your wardrobe. Shoes pictured are Micheal Kors Spring 2009 collection – that are still very wearable this season!

Open Toe Black Heels – approx $150 Every girl needs a pair of black heels! These are also super versatile but can also easily show fading and general wear and tear. So make sure you take good care of them, or replace them regularly. BCBG always has an excellent collection of basics and super fun black heels.

sandals for spring 2010
Fun Summer Sandals – approx $100 Since the other pair of shoes are basics, splash out and have some fun with your summer sandals. Buy ones that can work at the office or at the park and don’t be afraid to choose ones that are slightly trendy and will be worn out after one season. Summer shoes normally cannot endure longer than one year - so be prepared to replace these next year. Shoes pictured above are from NineWest.

White pants – approx $100 Nothing says spring like white pants. Yes, they may be hard to keep clean, but they look great coupled with bright shirts and the neutral coloured heels. Throw on some fun accessories and you have an outfit that looks amazing and can repeated almost once a week! Jacob is a great source for basics like white pants. You an usually score pants on sale from $50 up to $100.

Femme de Carriere Spring 2010

3 Colourful Shirts With Fun Details – approx $100 each Lighten up! Enjoy all spring has to offer with brightly coloured shirts, fun patterns and cool cuts. Not only will these fun shirts make you feel springy these three shirts can be mixed with pants, cute skirts, or shorts and are a great addition to your regular rotation of spring clothes. Femme de Carriere is always a great source for fabulous shirts with fun colours and very flattering cuts. Sometimes they can be really pricey, so watch out for when they have sales (very regularly) and you can score the same great shirt for $$$’s off.


An Everyday Dress – approx $125 Now that you don’t need to cover up as much enjoy the ease that a spring dresses offers. You don’t have to worry about what tights to wear or if it’s warm enough outside to wear it. Just put it on! Add either of the three shoes above, pile on the accessories and enjoy! Easy peasy! Club Monaco is a good source for dresses, and Jacob also has some great and inexpensive basics.
Cheap and Cheerful Valentine’s Day Ideas
February 12, 2010 at 1:06 pm 0
valentines-day With Valentine's Day around the corner it can be hard to come up with great plans when your pockets are light on pennies. But don't distress! Here are some great cheap and cheerful Valentines Day Ideas: - Bake cookies together - Organize your photos and make a photo album together - Set up an at home wine tasting just for the two of you - Find out which charity you would both like to support and ask about volunteering together - Write out lists of your favourite memories together, things you did together etc, and share them There are so many great and lovingly sweet things you can do together that require minimal money! The most romantic Valentine's Day things you can do are things that come from the heart...so don't worry about spending a bundle, just enjoy each other and remind yourself why you chose that person to be next to you.
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How To Live Like A Diva On A Dime
February 3, 2010 at 12:19 pm 0

For all the budget babes out there a few simple tricks to help you live like a diva on a dime. You don't have to become a shut-in, eat budget food only, or stop seeing your friends. You just have to make a few simple changes that let you keep more money in your pocket while also socializing, having fun and enjoying the good life. Here are a few simple things you can do to live like a queen when you have a tight budget: Go Out Later. If your friends are going out for a night on the town at 7 you can meet them at 9 instead. You'll have saved two hours of cocktails which could easily save you $50...plus you'll feel better the next day with a few fewer glasses of bubbly in your system. Meet Your Friends For Desert Instead of Dinner. When your friends are going to a fancy dinner at that super chic new restaurant and you really want to see it you don't have to miss out altogether. Tell your friends that you aren't able to meet them for dinner (you don't need to say you can't afford it if you don't want) but you'd love to meet them for desert. Cook Gifts For People. Is that $25 pricetag for thank you flowers to your friend that did you a favour a bit tough to swallow? Make them some super cute cupcakes or their favourite cookies! You will save a bundle, and you get to do some creative expression with your cupcake decorating. Double Check Your Receipts. This may sound a little stingy, but do you think the huge corporation that you buy your groceries at deserves the $5.00 they overcharged you more than you do? If you check your bills every time you'll be amazed how much extra you are paying - so get that money back and put it to better use! Do Your Research. Before you buy something that costs more than $100 check online to see if you can buy it at a factory outlet or a website for less. Why pay more when you get the same quality goods that you do in the store? Find The Best Time To Make A Purchase. Lots of companies have regular sales, or days of the week that things go on sale. If you are thinking of taking a trip you may be able to save money if you buy it online after midnight in the middle of the week. Lots of other industries have similar best times to buy, so ask when the lowest prices become available and save yourself a bundle! Photo Credit: Wisconsin Dells Attractions