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Free Metric Concert in Union Station, Toronto
August 3, 2010 at 4:57 pm 0
Metric That's right. What's better than free stuff in the city in the summer? According to the Toronto Star Metric is putting on a free show this Wednesday, August 3rd at 7pm at Union Station. Here's the full story directly from the Toronto Star Entertainment Reporters Ben Rayner and Bruce DeMara: Hot Canadian rock band Metric will play a free concert outside Union Station on Wednesday night. Samsung Mobile announced the show on Tuesday without naming the band. But a source within the band’s camp confirmed Metric was it. “It’s true. It’s all happening. It’s not really a big secret or anything.” And details of the event — going down at 7 p.m. Wednesday in Union Square Plaza — were leaked via Twitter and readily available online mere hours after Samsung started dropping hints on its own Twitter feed. One clue read: “I wonder who this band is going to be? Is it The Beatles or could it be the Rolling Stones?” That brings to mind Metric’s hit song “Gimme Sympathy,” which includes the lyrics, “After all of this is gone / Who’d you rather be? / The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?” Apparently, the only reason Metric’s identity was kept secret was to appease city officials worried that a giant crush of people would wind up on Front St. That will almost certainly be the case now that the cat’s out of the bag. Drivers, you’ve been warned.
Strange Canadian Facts for Canada Day
July 1, 2010 at 10:46 am 0

Today, July 1st, is Canada Day in our home and native land. Generally, Canadian's have a covert kind of patriotism. We're not the flag wearing, loud national anthem kind of people that our neighbours to the South tend to be. We're more the strong and silent type. But we also have a very bizarre sense of humour. So, to celebrate Canada Day here are some strange and wonderful Canadian Facts. Our national animal is a beaver, which is also a Canadian (not so polite) nickname for vagina. Our $1 coin is called a "loonie" because it has a picture of a loon on it. Our $2 coin is called a "toonie" because....no really good reason. The woolen hats everyone wears is called a "toque". See, everyone thinks Canadian's are softies with left leaning hearts...but really it's all the fresh air that makes us wacky! Happy Canada Day everyone!