bethenny frankel

Reality TV Under Covers
July 6, 2011 at 9:02 am 0
Bethenny-Ever-After I'm a reality tv buff - which is kind of funny considering: - I don't have a tv - I really don't enjoy/don't have any drama and gossip in my life - my life is pretty "real" But after a long day of working, exercising, and doing daily errands, there's just something wonderful about zoning out and watching silly tv. When it's time to watch tv I usually hunker down in my bed, turn on my laptop, put in my earphones and watch away getting totally involved in what's going on with the characters - and in the case of particularly cringe-worthy shows reeling with pain when I see some of the more ridiculous stunts. My current faves are: - Tori & Dean - Bethenny Ever After - Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) My husband thinks it's horrendous that I watch such silliness - it's not adding anything to my life, and these women (particularly on RHOC) are sooooo poorly behaved amongst each other, have terrible manners/attitudes toward the general public, aren't very smart and well, they are such jealous bitches of each other! But, for me I just I enjoy. And, since I really don't have any people in my life and circle of friends that aren't lovely, smart, loyal, honest and motivated in their own right...I guess I don't have to worry that my life will ever be like RHOC!