Great Local Find: Chabichou Fine Cheese & Gourmet Shop
August 13, 2010 at 10:00 am 0

Yesterday we happened upon this great little French cheese shop called Chabichou. It was so charming looking that we actually turned around and went back so we could go inside! When inside the decor is the classic small cheese store; a large counter area with a great selection of cheeses, little jars of fancy French jams, fresh baguettes and croissants, and also a gorgeous selection of fresh quiches and quality home made meal options.
Chabichou display
But that's not all, the cute guys that work there have the most lovely French accents, and they are so friendly and pleasant (defiinitely the opposite of what you would experience in France where you would be treated like a degenerate if you didn't pronounce the names of the fancy cheeses properly). Tempted by the pistachio terrine's we could resist buying a big block of the French treat with a crusty baguette. We dove into it as soon as we got home, and it was like magic!
Great Bridesmaid Dresses at Great Prices
August 6, 2010 at 7:53 am 1

Recently we discovered this great resource for finding just the right bridesmaid dresses for a great price. This has been such a huge relief! When we were shopping for all the bridal stuff for our wedding it was really kind of nightmarish! Rushing into different stores, going back a few times, waiting for the change rooms to empty out…so many headaches…it was actually really stressful. Not to mention that we ended up buying 3 different dresses because we just wanted to get out of the stores as soon as we could – only to find out we didn’t really like what we actually bought! So, if you don’t like stress, or having to go back several times to stores to find just the right dress try out David's online store. They have a great selection and great prices. We’re even thinking of buying dresses from the site for other parties, not just weddings!